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We help you understand your target audience and identify their key challenges. We explore different solution approaches in a structured way and help you validate ideas using data.

We do this by using clear hypotheses, online experiments (A/B testing), usability tests and/or other research methods.

Some of our clients include:

Our main focus areas

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Goal: increased revenue/sales and reduction of calls.

What are the biggest opportunities in your e-commerce flow? We analyze online user behavior to find out where and why your visitors get stuck. We help with you build a solid CRO process, give concrete advice and help with research such as A/B testing.

Customer Experience Optimisation

Goal: the best customer experience.

What do your customer journeys actually look like? Who are your most valuable customers and how do you best adress them? We map customer behavior and experience by linking data sources. Together with your organisation, we translate this into a solid CX strategy to achieve that amazing customer experience.

Product Analytics

Goal: more active users who use your product the way you want to.

Why do people use your website/app/software/etc. ? And are they succeeding? We provide insight into the behavior and see how we can improve the product. That way the product is used longer, more often and more actively.

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Our CX specialists have worked on:

Gemeente Den Haag

Enhanced customer journey through process mining

The City of The Hague was seeking a partner to assist them with their web analysis. In doing so, they had a central goal: to investigate the performance of their future new website and identify opportunities for further optimisation. They enlisted our help to establish and execute the process.

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doctor with stethoscope

Target group research for new website

The organisation Doctors of the World offers medical assistance to people in a vulnerable position. They often do not know how to find their way in the Dutch healthcare system. Doctors of the World helps them with this. One of the channels to get informed about the work of Doctors of the World is the website, which will be redesigned.

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dutch cyclist

Better public services based on a research cycle

Dutch citizens living, working or studying abroad must also take care of things like renewing their passports, arranging tax issues and pension with the Dutch government. This can be something of a challenge by being far away from the Netherlands, due to fragmentation of services, time difference and different situations. In a project which lasted from 2018-2022, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs therefore worked together with 12 implementing organisations (e.g. Tax and Customs Administration and RDW) on government-wide access to public services. The service is called Netherlands Worldwide (NWW). NWW is accessible 24/7 on the website, and direct customer contact channels such as telephone, WhatsApp and email.

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Guy with headset behind a computer

Data-driven optimisation of offline customer service

For some time now, we have been assisting PostNL's customer service department with the optimisation of their online service & contact environment. Various pilots showed that there was also a lot of potential in improving the offline service.

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Data-driven web and customer experience optimisation

Eneco customers can enter into or change an energy contract via the website, but also purchase a charging station or hire an energy coach, for example. Eneco wanted to bring in more expertise regarding the field of digital analytics. We helped Eneco find an extra Web analyst with whom this ambition could be fulfilled.

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klm vliegtuig

Product analytics for essential insights into usage and usability

KLM employees work with various applications on a daily basis. For example, the ground staff uses Appy2Help. This digitises work processes and supports employees in answering all questions from passengers. iMech helps to free up more time for maintenance instead of administration and the intranet is my. klm is the starting point for everyone within KLM to find information. KLM asked us to support various teams in developing good applications using insights from user data.

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Higher customer satisfaction and increased conversion by setting up an A/B test environment

Vodafone started a 3-month 'digital boost' project with the aim of improving the conversion of the online shop. The project team consisted of external digital professionals, each with their own specialism. As part of this project, we set up an A/B test environment with the aim of improving the user experience and thus increasing conversion.

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klm airplane

Measurable impact Service Design team on UX internal tools

KLM Digital Studio builds innovative digital solutions to make working at KLM more efficient, effective and enjoyable. One of the teams within Digital Studio, the Service Design team, is concerned with user experience. They conduct user research, build designs and test design ideas for new digital solutions. KLM asked us to provide insight into the impact of this team on the UX of its internal tools.

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App optimisation for a better user experience

'How do we make our app more accessible to people from Vietnam?' During a Learning @ Location Day, our multi-disciplinary team of data professionals worked on this Oxfam Novib challenge.

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More online conversions thanks to an improved UX thanks to a user experience review

A Smart Security Scan is a tool that allows you to test the security of websites. The reports showed that something went wrong in the flow where people have to verify their IP address to be able to scan. We went looking for a solution. We also gave tips to optimise online conversion.

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Customer Experience Optimisation

Residential investor Vesteda is working on a new website. This must offer (potential) tenants and B2B customers, such as investors and pension funds, an optimal online experience. Buyer personas of the various B2C target groups had already been developed. Together with Vesteda, we also started to map out the B2B target groups. In addition, together with the customer, we developed the optimal customer journeys for the most important buyer personas.

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More employee engagement using inspirational sessions about the employee experience

In the tight labour market, professionals no longer choose their new employer only because of the employment conditions. Increasingly, they decide whether or not to come on board and stick around based on employee experience. The 'employee experience' is therefore important in all phases. Not only at the recruitment and selection level, but also, for example, when processing a claim.

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Be inspired about Customer Experience

The 'app rating' as a metric for your product team

Before downloading a new app, consumers often look at the app's rating. This is shown in stars with 5 stars being the highest rating. What does the app rating mean for your organisation? And for your users? The app rating is a metric that accurately reflects the tension field between marketing and product. While the importance of a high rating is obvious, a shortcut can be taken on the way to it. How does your organisation use the app rating?

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Data-driven optimisation of your digital service environment

Good service is important for customer satisfaction and loyalty and therefore very valuable for companies. Many companies offer services digitally. Customers can then find information about a product via a website or app. Optimising this digital 'service environment is best achieved with the help of data.

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Get more value from your development team with the help of a CX specialist

Is your organisation's backlog of the development teams overcrowded? Then you may be of the opinion that investing in Customer Experience (CX) specialists is not a good idea at the moment. This is based on the assumption that the CX team will come up with suggestions for improvements for the website/app and therefore 'burden' the development backlog even more. Yet there is definitely added value in investing in a CX specialist, even when there is high pressure on the development capacity. PRECISELY when there is a high pressure on the development capacity…

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5 CRO pitfalls and tips to professionalise

Do you want to get more out of your conversion rate optimisation process, or do you want to know which pitfalls there are and how to avoid them? This blog article contains 5 tips on how to professionalise your CRO process so that you can get more value out of it.

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Best practices for A/B testing

A/B testing is a powerful tool for validating the impact of optimisations across a website, app or marketing campaign. In A/B testing, statistics are crucial in determining whether the found results are significant or coincidental.

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Is your product really being used?

You have worked with your product team on developing a new product. You have certain expectations of how users will use the product. The only question is: is this really the case? Are they using the product as you imagined? Who is using the product and who is not? In this article we discuss the Product User Activity Model. This model gives you more insight into the current and potential use of your product to take targeted action for growth.

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Process Mining as input for (online) customer journeys

Data is increasingly being used to map customer journeys. Which makes sense, because we collect a lot of data in our analytics tool around the online part of the journey. A technology that can lead to valuable insights but is often forgotten is process mining.

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How to measure user goals in a digital environment

When are user goals optimally supported by a digital environment? Everyone has an idea about this, for example 'a pleasant purchase flow' or 'easy login'. How effectively you support the user is challenging to measure. However, it is everything that determines the success of your digital environment. To help you measure your success, or to check if something is missing in your current framework, we share our Customer Experience (CX) pyramid.

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Evidence-Driven Product Growth

Digitalisation, digital transformation, start-ups: digital products are being developed all around us. Think of banks that serve users entirely via an app, the entertainment industry that makes content available via an app, and fully digital work processes. One thing is certain: users of a product want to get value from it. Strangely enough, this is often not looked at on a structural basis in practice.

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An A/B test: how do I handle this?

A/B testing is a commonly used method to increase the effectiveness of your website, email or app. The technique: Show a percentage of your visitors something different from your other visitors and see how these groups differ in behavior. But how do you set up an A/B testing process? Who and what do you need for A/B testing? Here are 5 tips to get off to a strong start! ​

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5 metrics for optimising the Customer Experience

As Customer Experience Specialists at Digital Power, we regularly come up with 5 metrics that help us measure user quality. With this we are taking the first steps in optimising the Customer Experience. We are happy to walk you through all 5 of them. Are you going to use them from now on to analyse the user experiences of your product or service?

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How a hypothesis helps determine if you are successful

A well-known scenario: when a product or service is renewed, the assumption is made that an improvement has been achieved. Think, for example, of an adjustment to your website, the implementation of a new product feature or the digital transformation of an organisation to work more efficiently. But how do you know whether the situation is really better after the innovation? Start by making the right hypotheses.

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Customer Experience trends

When we talk about Customer Experience, we mean virtual assistance in the form of voice and chatbot applications. It is expected that these will make interaction with the customer more accessible and easier. Companies like to go along with these kinds of innovative trends to improve their services. Is this indeed what Customer Experience Optimisation is all about?

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Customer Experience Optimisation: a structured approach

More and more organisations are aware of the impact of the customer experience on business results and competitiveness. Research shows that 84% of organsations prioritise customer experience more than they did two years ago. In fact to 76%,  it is high or top priority. Further research shows that the customer experience is essential to the marketing strategy according to CMOs.

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Working as a Customer Experience Specialist

A job as a Data Analyst at Digital Power: What does this job look like in practice? What skills are required? And what kind of work will you do? Marloes talked to Jasmijn, Customer Experience Specialist, to get an idea. Listen to the Dutch podcast or read it in the article below!

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