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Zev Posma
Business Manager
3 min
26 May 2020

Eneco customers can enter into or change an energy contract via the website, but also purchase a charging station or hire an energy coach, for example. Eneco wanted to bring in more expertise regarding the field of digital analytics. We helped Eneco find an extra Web analyst with whom this ambition could be fulfilled.

We started working in the online sales team Business. This team was soon merged with the online consumer team, creating a new online E-commerce scrum team. Since then we have been responsible for all Web Analytics as part of the online sales team. We also add CRO knowledge as part of the Online Sales Scrum team.

Our approach

First, we examined existing processes and reports. An important part of this was the weekly KPI meeting in which we present and evaluate the most recent figures.

Through deep dives we provide insights into the 'why' of the figures. In addition, we provide insight into the measurable results of the scrum team's deliveries.

For example, we find out where errors or conversion drops come from, what the impact is of launching a new feature or what the impact is of a certain media campaign.

Because the current online sales team used to consist of two separate teams, not everything was measured in the same way. We will now handle this, while also straightening out and clarifying the definitions. The Google Analytics data is now also easy to understand for Marketeers without much knowledge of the tool.

We also provide insight into which matters are not yet (properly) measured. For example, the measurements between the business and consumer website are increasingly becoming one.

One of our tasks is to develop a more data-driven mindset within the Eneco team. The aim here is to improve the UX of the website, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and more sales. We do this, among other things, with a 'frustration dashboard' that shows what visitors encounter per web page. We look at, among other things, validation errors, error messages, 404 messages and exits. But also by letting the data speak for itself in every phase, from idea to optimisation of the product. As a result, the team steers on data instead of gut feeling.

We also set up A/B tests in collaboration with Eneco's Marketeers. We mainly have an advisory role in this: we coach the team to work more data-driven. For example, we provide knowledge sharing, we help with the preparation of reporting and complex analyses and we proactively inform the team of new developments. Think of Apple's ITP protocol where Safari cookies are deleted after 7 days.

The result

There is now an optimisation backlog based on the insights from Google Analytics, general feedback and the Customer Effort Score. If these sources together do not provide sufficient context, we use tools such as Hotjar, Usabilla and qualitative research to enrich the data.

The website and marketing campaigns are now optimised in a data-driven way. Bugs are clearly identified and can be resolved quickly. There are also continuous adjustments to improve the UX.

In addition, the measurements are becoming more consistent and easier to understand. The team is increasingly working on the basis of insights that we extract from data.

In short: there is now a continuous optimisation process within this agile scrum team in the field of Web Analytics and Customer Experience.


In the future we will zoom in further on the 'frustration dashboard'. We want to provide insight into the impact of certain frustrations and their solutions on customer satisfaction.

We will also work on making the A/B testing process and the dashboards more user-friendly and less prone to errors.

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