Get retrained in a different data specialism

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Do you have a background in data and do you want to evolve within a data specialism relatively unknown to you? Make the move at Digital Power!

Maybe you can identify yourself in one of these situations:

  • You are done playing around with Google Analytics, getting bored with dashboarding, and are ready for a new challenge...
  • You've always wanted to know exactly how it all works at the 'back end'...
  • You notice that sometimes you can't do your job fast enough because you depend on that one colleague who actually can run that SQL query...
  • Coding sounds like fun but you don't want to do it 40 hours a week as a programmer...
  • You are interested in improved terms of employment and job opportunities that a different data specialism can offer you...

...whatever the reason, your further development within the world of data is possible at Digital Power.


Retraining at Digital Power, so what exactly does that involve?

With us, everything is about you and your development. You will therefore have plenty of room to shape your learning path and develop yourself in different areas within the field of data.

To facilitate your development, we not only offer you an unlimited training budget but we also have rigged several internal training programmes in which you can participate.

For example, join the retraining path to becoming a Data Engineer where you will learn to set up data infrastructures, realise data warehouses and build APIs. In everything you create and do, the focus is on adding value to the business and the performance of your processes.

Or would you rather learn to compile your own reliable website data? You will learn to apply Javascript to various assignments thanks to the Technical Web Analysis training programme.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter which data specialism you choose to further your development. What you need is an environment with the best data professionals from which to learn. And that is exactly what Digital Power is offering you!

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Having doubts about something?

'Am I too old?'
'Am I technical enough?'
'Retraining costs a lot of time and money, right?'

No worries. We will help you on your way.

Essentially, any data professional can retrain with the right support. We give you the time and the tools needed to ensure you can take speedy steps in your development. In our experience, you just have to start somewhere and the insight will follow!

Interested? Have a chat with Rogier

Wondering what Digital Power can do for you? Rogier would love to help you get started on your personal development!

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