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explaining data strategy

Your organisation is growing and you wonder how your data can grow along with it efficiently and effectively. And how do you ensure that everyone can follow the steps you are taking towards data maturity? With a good data strategy, you know how to solve these kinds of issues. We are happy to help you develop one.

From data strategy to executable plan

We start with a comprehensive analysis using our data strategy model. Where are you now and what are your goals? In consultation, we create a plan with which you can further optimise and innovate your data operation. In doing so, we do not lose sight of your long-term goals.

The data strategy model

The data strategy model provides insight into your entire organisation based on enablement factors: organisational structure, capabilities, governance, processes and technology.

data strategy model Digital Power

We link this to your organisation's goals and ambitions to form an overall picture of your strengths and development points within your company.

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The right data-driven decisions

Based on your new data strategy, you take advantage of opportunities and know what to do when faced with new challenges. The added value of data is clear and every team makes the right, data-driven decisions. Erik is happy to talk to you about how we can help you achieve this.