A successful data project, arranged from A to Z

data project team

To capitalise on the full potential of your data, you keep optimising and innovating. Our data professionals take care of your data project from A to Z or add specialist knowledge to your project team.

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SCRUM/Agile data project?

Our data specialists have extensive experience in managing and participating in data projects. Several people in our team are SCRUM certified.

From data project support to full project management

  • Setting up a scalable data infrastructure
  • A KPI framework as the basis for your data-driven organisation
  • An audit of your web analytics implementation
  • A 'single source of truth' dashboard for your internal organisation
  • Digitise and integrate processes that (partly) take place offline
  • A data quick scan with advisory report
data project team

Successful data projects executed from A to Z

1. Introduction

What is your project objective, who are the stakeholders and what expertise is missing in your current team? Our consultants and Business Managers will gladly have a conversation with you.

2. Scope

We discuss the scope and preconditions of your project. When is the deadline, how much budget is available and which resources do you need in which phase?

3. Realisation

We provide one or more data specialists for every challenge and every phase. We also train your own team in the use of tools and/or share our expertise.

4. Realisation and follow-up

We provide complete insight into the results in relation to the project objectives. Together with you, we will discuss the next steps and possible transfer.


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Some of our projects

telco background

Lean Six Sigma project for optimisation of change management process

A Dutch telecom provider sought to examine and enhance their change management process using Lean Six Sigma. The objective was to maximise successful changes in hardware and software, evaluate risks, inform customers, and conduct assessments. The telco aimed to strengthen operational stability, streamline network and IT maintenance, foster innovation, and optimise service delivery.

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business managers having a conversation

Insight into the complete sales funnel thanks to a data warehouse with dbt

Our consultants log the assignments they take on for our clients in our ERP system AFAS. In our CRM system HubSpot, we can see all the information relevant before signing a collaboration agreement. When we close a deal, all the information from HubSpot automatically transfers to AFAS. So, HubSpot is mainly used for the process before entering a collaboration, while AFAS is used for the subsequent phase. To tighten our people's planning and improve our financial forecasts, we decided to set up a data warehouse to integrate data from both data sources.

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Insights into market dynamics for a stronger competitive position

FrieslandCampina Global facilitates local teams in Europe, Asia, and Africa. They want to gain a better understanding of the market and provide the teams with new insights. The goals are to strengthen their competitive position and to identify new opportunities for expansion.

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valk exclusief

Setting up a future-proof data infrastructure

Valk Exclusief is a chain of 4-star+ hotels with 43 hotels in the Netherlands. The hotel chain wants to offer guests a personal experience, both in the hotel and online.

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fysioholland data

A well-organised data infrastructure

FysioHolland is an umbrella organisation for physiotherapists in the Netherlands. A central service team relieves therapists of additional work, so that they can mainly focus on providing the best care. In addition to organic growth, FysioHolland is connecting new practices to the organisation. Each of these has its own systems, work processes and treatment codes. This has made FysioHolland's data management large and complex.

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Improved data quality thanks to a new data pipeline

At Royal HaskoningDHV, the number of requests from customers with Data Engineering issues continue to climb. The new department they have set up for this, is growing. So they asked us to temporarily offer their Data Engineering team more capacity. One of the issues we offered help with involved the Aa en Maas Water Authority.

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data mental healthcare

Central data storage with a new data infrastructure

Dedimo is a collaboration of five mental healthcare initiatives. In order to continuously enhance the quality of their care, they organize internal processes more efficiently. Therefore, they use perceptions from the data that is internally available. Previously, they acquired the data themselves from different source systems with ad hoc scripts. They requested our help to make this process more robust, efficient and to further professionalise it. They asked us to facilitate the central storage of their data, located in a cloud data warehouse. The goal was to set up the data infrastructure within this environment, since they were already used to working with Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

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van gogh museum amsterdam

Digital transformation for cross-channel customer experience using data.

The Van Gogh Museum is the most visited museum in the Netherlands. More than 2.2 million people visited the museum in 2017. Data is collected from all those people. Data from the website and other online marketing channels, but also offline data from ticket sales at the box office, for example.

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research consultants talking to each other

Evaluating brand alignment website with user perception

In October 2022 we launched our new website, in a fresh design style. We asked our partner Kaliber to update our branding and website with a design that fits our brand values. After the website went live, we wanted to know if they succeeded at this. Therefore, our own research consultants designed and conducted a research study to evaluate the effectiveness of the new design in conveying our intended brand values and message.

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Application of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and text mining for process improvement.

Fair Wear is a non-profit organisation that aims to improve the working conditions of employees in garment factories. The NGO has collected a lot of documentation about its activities in recent years, for example in the form of reports from a complaint line for factory employees, reports of audits that check whether factories comply with the guidelines, and reports of training for factory employees. This information is stored as typed text, usually in Word or PDF format.

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Step by step data-driven working with the Digital Power Building Blocks model.

RetailTrends is a family business with a media platform for retailers. Over the years, the company has developed from a publisher of a single print magazine to a multimedia platform. This consists of two websites with news and background articles about the industry; a print magazine; an online magazine; and events. Interested parties are kept informed via various newsletters and social media channels. Some of the content is only accessible to members.

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Determining the location of gardens using Data Science

Residential investor Vesteda is working on a new website. If an available rental home has a garden, the location of the garden must be listed on the webpage of that home. This information was not yet available in the database. We were instructed to determine the location of the garden based on the coordinates of the homes.

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Standardise Adobe Analytics implementation for complete insight into the customer journey

Within KPN, one team is responsible for the implementation of Adobe Analytics, the Digital Performance team. Due to the working method that had developed before the formation of this team, the specialists did not work together optimally.

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A structured, scalable tag plan for Mijn Vattenfall

Nuon became Vattenfall in October 2019. The rebranding was a good reason to optimise Analytics. There was a renewed focus on applying insights from user data in the Mijn Vattenfall environment. The data collected for this was not always reliable. In addition, there was insufficient knowledge and capacity within the department to maintain the Analytics. The energy supplier asked for our help to support them in re-establishing the tagging and analytics of Mijn Vattenfall.

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klantcase Fietsvoordeelshop

The proven added value for Fietsvoordeelshop

Fietsvoordeelshop has seven physical stores and a webshop. It is one of the most successful bike shops at the moment. In the field of data, the bicycle shop mainly worked with Excel. This means that a lot was done manually, every week. Due to the growth of the organisation and the increasing number of processes, the Excel file became increasingly large and unclear. Fietsvoordeelshop asked us to demonstrate with a data pressure cooker of five days that data-driven work could be of added value.

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Increased ROI in healthcare campaign thanks to improved insight

Various departments within Univé made decisions based on data from multiple data sources and separate reports. As a result, each department made decisions based on different information. The departments were also not always aware of each other's performance. We investigated how the integration of the data sources using the Microsoft Power BI visualisation tool could improve decision-making.

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medical gloves

Clear dashboards for the IC team during the Corona crisis

In times of the coronavirus (COVID-19), a good overview of the patients in the scaled-up intensive care of the Utrecht medical centre is vital. Employees must be able to view patient characteristics, the most current lab readings and the course of patients' vital signs at a glance. In addition, up-to-date insight into the bed occupancy per department and the capacity of the nursing staff is required. We immediately got started to provide the necessary insights for UMC Utrecht. As a way of also contributing in these times of crisis, we offered our hours free of charge.

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Route to data-driven (co-)working

DIGIWEDO specialises in designing and developing responsive websites, web shops and web applications for SMEs (MKB). They regularly receive questions from customers about how to collect, visualise and/or analyse data in the right way. DIGIWEDO does not yet offer any services in the field of data. They asked us to think about how they could expand their existing services when it comes to advice in the field of data-driven working. Within a week, using our data pressure cooker we proposed a clear plan that helps DIGIWEDO to meet customer needs.

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Social listening in the real estate market

Vesteda was curious if social listening – monitoring and analysing social media discussions about a brand, competitors, products or hashtags/keywords – could add value to the organisation. To this end, we started a project that consisted of two parts: exploring possibilities for social listening in the Corporate Communication department and applying social listening in an ongoing Data Science project.

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Customer Experience Optimisation

Residential investor Vesteda is working on a new website. This must offer (potential) tenants and B2B customers, such as investors and pension funds, an optimal online experience. Buyer personas of the various B2C target groups had already been developed. Together with Vesteda, we also started to map out the B2B target groups. In addition, together with the customer, we developed the optimal customer journeys for the most important buyer personas.

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How a start-up starts with data-driven working

Mimic is a start-up that wants to help parents achieve the best feeding experience for babies through the Mimic baby bottle. This bottle provides the most natural drinking experience possible. Thanks to the patented cup system, the Mimic bottle ensures a calm drinking pace and reduces the risk of colic.

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COVID violence tracker

The COVID-19 Violence Tracker

The outbreak of the corona pandemic in early 2020 has turned the world upside down. In addition to countless infections, hospitalisations and deaths, we also saw an outbreak of violence in many countries. Citizens took to the streets, sometimes violently, to protest against the measures taken, but domestic violence also increased in many places and fear and frustration played a role in racism.

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A scalable machine-learning platform for predicting billboard impressions

The Neuron provides a programmatic bidding platform to plan, buy and manage digital Out-Of-Home ads in real-time. They asked us to predict the number of expected impressions for digital advertising on billboards in a scalable and efficient way.

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kwf header

Optimal user experience for Memoriam Platform

KWF is a Dutch charity dedicated to fighting cancer. The organisation was working on the development of a Memoriam Platform. This is a new initiative to create personalised memorial pages for the deceased. On these pages, donations can be made to KWF.

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Sky with clouds

Data-driven website optimisation

The well-known Dutch band HAEVN was unable to perform due to the corona measures. In order to make the most of their time, they wanted to optimise their new website and webshop. They sell merchandise, CDs and LPs through their Shopify webshop. Fans can also download concert films there. The HAEVN team themselves had little knowledge of data-driven website optimisation and asked us for help.

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Children who participated in a designathon

Making impact measurable

The Designathon Works foundation organises Design Hackathons (Designathons) for children aged 8 to 12. The target? Teaching children from all over the world skills to become a 'changemaker'. They are challenged to design solutions for a better world, for example to combat climate change. From the Datahub, we helped Designathon Works fine-tune the impact measurements free of charge. We also made a first move towards automating data collection, analysis and visualisation.

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Google Analytics logo

Implementation of Google Analytics 4

An interest group for homeowners offers a wide range of content and services on its website that can be closed online. In order to serve its website visitors in the best possible way, interactions with the services, funnels and content pages must be properly measured. They already did this with our support, with Universal Analytics (GA3). To be well prepared for the future, they asked us to implement Google Analytics 4.

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dutch cyclist

Better public services based on a research cycle

Dutch citizens living, working or studying abroad must also take care of things like renewing their passports, arranging tax issues and pension with the Dutch government. This can be something of a challenge by being far away from the Netherlands, due to fragmentation of services, time difference and different situations. In a project which lasted from 2018-2022, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs therefore worked together with 12 implementing organisations (e.g. Tax and Customs Administration and RDW) on government-wide access to public services. The service is called Netherlands Worldwide (NWW). NWW is accessible 24/7 on the website, and direct customer contact channels such as telephone, WhatsApp and email.

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doctor with stethoscope

Target group research for new website

The organisation Doctors of the World offers medical assistance to people in a vulnerable position. They often do not know how to find their way in the Dutch healthcare system. Doctors of the World helps them with this. One of the channels to get informed about the work of Doctors of the World is the website, which will be redesigned.

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A fully automated data import pipeline

Stichting Donateursbelangen aims to strengthen trust between donors and charities. They believe that that trust is based on collecting money honestly, openly, transparently and respectfully. At the same time effectively using the raised donation funds to make an impact. To further this goal, Stichting Donateursbelangen wants to share information about charities with donors through their own search engine.

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data platform

A scalable data platform in Azure

TM Forum, an alliance of over 850 global companies, engaged our company as a data partner to identify and solve data-related challenges.

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Future-proof migration to GA4

From 1 July 2024, it will no longer be possible to process data in Universal Analytics 360 (hereinafter: UA360). Wehkamp collected data in UA360 and was keen to be prepared in time for the migration. In addition, they wanted to collect at least 1 year of historical data for UA360's sunset. This allowed Wehkamp to compare the data in UA360 and in GA4. A key desire was to migrate the measurements as-is.

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