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René de Boer Digital Power
René de Boer
3 min
01 Aug 2018

Residential investor Vesteda is working on a new website. This must offer (potential) tenants and B2B customers, such as investors and pension funds, an optimal online experience. Buyer personas of the various B2C target groups had already been developed. Together with Vesteda, we also started to map out the B2B target groups. In addition, together with the customer, we developed the optimal customer journeys for the most important buyer personas.

Our approach

The briefing for the new website had to be sent out as soon as possible. In addition, Vesteda had been working for some time with a website that left a lot to be desired in terms of user experience. That is why Vesteda asked us not to spend any time on web analysis of current online customer journeys. Instead, we started with a series of customer journey mapping sessions.

As input for the B2C sessions, we used Vesteda's persona booklet and the customer knowledge of our own employees. We first developed the B2B personas globally based on interviews with various internal B2B specialists. We then fine-tuned them together during the customer journey mapping sessions that followed.

Stakeholders from various departments within Vesteda attended each session. In teams, they mapped out the current customer journey per persona. We evaluated these together, after which we started developing the optimal customer journeys. Using brown paper, post-its and markers, the teams mapped out all steps in the customer journey together. Then they added the contact channels, thoughts, emotions, pain points and impact moments. The teams then presented the result to each other for feedback.

The result

We made beautiful visuals of the customer journeys. These are hanging in Vesteda's office so that other employees can contribute ideas and are inspired to think more from the customer's point of view.

Vesteda now knows well for whom the new website is being developed. The ideal customer journeys of all important B2C and B2B personas have been fully worked out. These form the basis for the user flows of the new website. These are further elaborated by a web agency. Once the website is live, we will validate the customer journey maps using data analysis. The next step is customer experience optimisation based on our customer experience optimisation loop.

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