A full-cycle research service

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Gain in-depth insight into your target audiences and make more insight-driven decisions.

Increase your impact

Do you want to gain a deeper understanding of the thoughts, feelings, desires, and behavior of your target audience? By understanding how people make decisions, you can create effective solutions, processes, and services that cater to their specific needs.

Our research specialists can help you with:

  • User research (UX research)
  • Advanced statistical analyses, such as linear regression, clustering, process mining, and structural equation modeling
  • Assistance with research validation
  • Advice on choosing tools
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This is what you can expect from us:

  • The (collaborative) formulation of the right research question, taking into account various stakeholders and the organisational context.
  • The selection of the research method that best aligns with this question.
  • The use of both qualitative and quantitative research methods.
  • Advice on how the research results can add value to your organisation and on how to take the appropriate actions.
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More than just research

We gather our own data for our advice and can enrich it with data from other sources, such as your web data. We also enrich qualitative insights with data-driven insights. This creates a deeper understanding of your target audience's behavior. You gain insights into how they behave, what influences their behavior, and why.

Q&A about Research

We'd be happy to discuss your needs, even when you're not exactly sure what you need.

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Are you looking for a pragmatic, knowledgeable research partner? Do you want to go from insight to action? Zev will gladly introduce our Researchers to you.

Our Researchers have worked on:

Gemeente Den Haag

Enhanced customer journey through process mining

The City of The Hague was seeking a partner to assist them with their web analysis. In doing so, they had a central goal: to investigate the performance of their future new website and identify opportunities for further optimisation. They enlisted our help to establish and execute the process.

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consultants in a conversation

Comprehensive customer data overview through data warehouse

One of the largest professional service providers in the Netherlands aims to achieve a comprehensive overview of their customer data. They wanted to build a data warehouse or Customer Data Platform (CDP) for this purpose and asked for our help.

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young person filling in a survey

Rapid analysis of a survey with both closed and open-ended questions

Nationale Jeugdraad is an umbrella organisation for 35 Dutch youth organisations. To gain a thorough understanding of youth behavior and opinions, they conducted a survey among a large group of young people. As they did not have the appropriate personnel available themselves, they enlisted our assistance.

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doctor with stethoscope

Target group research for new website

The organisation Doctors of the World offers medical assistance to people in a vulnerable position. They often do not know how to find their way in the Dutch healthcare system. Doctors of the World helps them with this. One of the channels to get informed about the work of Doctors of the World is the website, which will be redesigned.

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research consultants talking to each other

Evaluating brand alignment website with user perception

In October 2022 we launched our new website, in a fresh design style. We asked our partner Kaliber to update our branding and website with a design that fits our brand values. After the website went live, we wanted to know if they succeeded at this. Therefore, our own research consultants designed and conducted a research study to evaluate the effectiveness of the new design in conveying our intended brand values and message.

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dutch cyclist

Better public services based on a research cycle

Dutch citizens living, working or studying abroad must also take care of things like renewing their passports, arranging tax issues and pension with the Dutch government. This can be something of a challenge by being far away from the Netherlands, due to fragmentation of services, time difference and different situations. In a project which lasted from 2018-2022, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs therefore worked together with 12 implementing organisations (e.g. Tax and Customs Administration and RDW) on government-wide access to public services. The service is called Netherlands Worldwide (NWW). NWW is accessible 24/7 on the website, and direct customer contact channels such as telephone, WhatsApp and email.

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kwf header

Optimal user experience for Memoriam Platform

KWF is a Dutch charity dedicated to fighting cancer. The organisation was working on the development of a Memoriam Platform. This is a new initiative to create personalised memorial pages for the deceased. On these pages, donations can be made to KWF.

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telco background

Lean Six Sigma project for optimisation of change management process

A Dutch telecom provider sought to examine and enhance their change management process using Lean Six Sigma. The objective was to maximise successful changes in hardware and software, evaluate risks, inform customers, and conduct assessments. The telco aimed to strengthen operational stability, streamline network and IT maintenance, foster innovation, and optimise service delivery.

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