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As a fast-growing data consultancy, we help you go from data to action. Our mission? To become your data partner.

Digital Power is your data partner.

We are a congenial consultancy tackling all data-related issues. We have extensive experience in different types of organisations, with all kinds of assignments, and are happy to share our knowledge with you. Is your challenge or issue new to us? Even if we have never done it before, we think we can do it anyway.

How? Well, we have our many ways. We offer different services, products, and solutions. We do it for pay or for free through our foundation. Anyway, we do it together, having fun. From data to action.

Digital Power is nothing without our people.

All "DiP DNA" specialists are supported by ambitious staff members. A close-knit team, with its own culture and sky-high drive. People who continuously develop themselves and are always looking for a new challenge. Who know each other, work together, share knowledge and are proud of each other.

Would you like to learn more about us, collaborate with us, or become one of our employees? Call us, drop by, or wait for us to find you. If data is your theme, you're going to get to know us in the near future anyway!

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We work completely tool-independent and are happy to help you to select, implement and correctly use the right tool for your business.

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We make a difference.

As a data partner, we want to make our data knowledge and expertise accessible to everyone, including society and the social sector. We do this through our foundation, the Digital Power Datahub.

May we tell you more?

Want to learn more about us, collaborate with us, or become a colleague? Call us, come by, shoot us, or wait for us to find you. If data is your theme, you're going to get to know us in the near future anyway!

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Digital Power team in 2022

Digital Power, a fast-growing data organisation

In July 2016, CEO René de Boer started the adventure with Digital Power. At the time, the team consisted of 18 talented employees who worked for a handful of clients. Data-driven work became a theme in more and more organisations. René found exactly what he was looking for at Digital Power: a combination of a future-oriented (growth) market and an organisation where he could really make a difference as an entrepreneur. He explains how, in five years, Digital Power grew into a team of over 120 professionals with a broad client portfolio.

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Our organisational culture? Differences are okay!

Digital Power is growing fast: our team quadrupled between 2016 and 2020. We have transformed from a small, unknown player into a mature data partner for many Dutch companies. Our team feels like a family where every member would grant each other the world if they could. But why is that, and more importantly, how do we maintain this as we continue to grow?

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management team Digital Power

Digital Power sorts out strong growth ambition with the arrival of MT

Digital Power has grown rapidly in recent years and the end seems far from in sight: "In the next three to four years, we will double in size," says René. The rapid advance is accompanied by further professionalisation, including of the organisational structure. This is why the data specialist has now appointed a management team to properly facilitate its growth ambition. interviewed René de Boer about this.

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Lustrum team photo

5-year anniversary Digital Power

In October 2021, we celebrated our first lustrum at the SS Rotterdam. Watch the aftermovie to gain a good impression of our team spirit.

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Are good data professionals a scarcity?

Good data professionals are hard to find. Our customers notice this, but so do we. Read how we still provide our clients with the right data expertise.

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data professionals

Hire data professionals yourself or work with a data partner?

Team managers often prefer to hire permanent employees. Good data professionals are only very scarce and difficult to find and keep. Working with a flexible layer is a good alternative: you can quickly and easily fly in the right data expertise and quickly scale up and down where necessary. We list all the advantages of working with our data consultants compared to a team of permanent employees. Let yourself be convinced!

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