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Six benefits of working with Digital Power

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Stefan Put
Stefan Put
Business Manager
4 min
02 Sep 2022

Team managers often prefer to hire permanent employees. Good data professionals are only very scarce and difficult to find and keep. Working with a flexible layer is a good alternative: you can quickly and easily fly in the right data expertise and quickly scale up and down where necessary. We list all the advantages of working with our data consultants compared to a team of permanent employees. Let yourself be convinced!

A data consultant can start working for you within a few weeks

Job vacancies for data professionals are easily available for six months. It takes time to recruit people, organise an application procedure and you have to take into account the notice period of the current employer. During your search for new staff, the opportunities of data-driven working for your organisation remain untapped.

An external data specialist can quickly embark on your data issue or project. At Digital Power, the process from application to the first working day can be arranged within a day, depending on the customer's processes. A data consultant is used to switching quickly and therefore adds value in no time.

Do you take on a permanent employee after a while? Then we will ensure a complete transfer of knowledge, your new team member will get off to a running start and the data knowledge will be retained within your team.

An external data partner guarantees the continuity of the work

Permanent employees who remain loyal to your organisation for years are priceless. Unfortunately, there is always the risk that they will one day resign or become ill for a long time. Data experts are usually not easy to replace.

When you work with an external party such as Digital Power, the continuity of your data operation is guaranteed. With us as a data partner, you have a whole team of data professionals at your disposal. If the consultant working on your issue goes on holiday or cancels, he will transfer the work to an equivalent consultant from our team.

A data agency gives you quick and accessible access to expertise that you need temporarily

Do you want to set up a team, design a process or launch a system? The knowledge required may not be available within your data team or the level may not be sufficient. An internal employee doing this for the first time and has to pick it up in addition to the current work, needs a relatively long time.

An external party has a lot of experience in this area and therefore offers more speed and quality. As Digital Power, we are happy to lay a good foundation for you. Our consultants are happy to transfer their knowledge to the business and your own team of data professionals. Together from data to action.

With a flexible shell next to your own team you can quickly scale up and down

Peak period, a new large data project or leave of a permanent employee? Then it is nice to be able to fall back on a flexible shell. This also comes in handy if you temporarily need specialist knowledge. Many organisations therefore work with a team of permanent employees and a number of external specialists.

Is your organisation growing and are you taking further steps in your data maturity? Then you can hire new people. As a data partner, we automatically take you to the next level. To do this, we proactively put you in touch with the data consultants from our team who can help you with the next step.

External data experts dare to hold up a mirror to you

We'd better be honest with you. Sometimes things are not in order, even if you have already invested a lot. As an external party, we take a fresh look at your data operation. We are not influenced by legacy or internal force fields. We also know almost all the tools on the market. So you hear it if it can be more convenient!

With Digital Power as a partner you also have a benchmark from the market. If you tackle issues within your own organisation, your frame of reference is smaller. An external, independent review of an agency that cooperates with many organisations can be very valuable.

A data partner offers much more knowledge than a single permanent employee

As a customer of Digital Power, you benefit from our extensive knowledge within the data domain. Through the consultants who work on your data issues, you have access to more than 100 other data consultants. Together they have expertise in Data Strategy, Data Engineering, Data Analytics, Technical Web Analytics, Customer Experience, UX Research and Data Science.

Our team combines years of experience in commercial organisations, NGOs and in the public sector with the latest knowledge from school. Our data consultants are continuously working on their development, both by following training courses and by sharing knowledge, best practices and challenges with each other. It is also possible to submit a case or discuss specific solutions for your issue. We then organise an inspiration session at our office, during which various consultants make time for you.

Are you curious about the possibilities of working with a data partner like Digital Power? Contact us.

This is an article by Marloes de Bruin, Marketing Manager at Digital Power

This is an article by Marloes de Bruin, Marketing Manager at Digital Power Marloes de Bruin is Marketing Manager at Digital Power. She is a strategic, all-round marketer, passionate about data-driven marketing. She writes on a variety of topics using input from our data consultants.

Marloes de Bruin

Marketing Managermarloes.debruin@digital-power.com

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