Are good data professionals a scarcity?

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Marloes de Bruin
Marketing Manager
3 min
30 May 2022

Good data professionals are hard to find. Our customers notice this, but so do we. Read how we still provide our clients with the right data expertise.

A data specialist with several years of work experience is currently approached daily by recruiters. People who apply to us quickly have four or five other offers running.

Medior and senior data professionals are difficult to attract 

Fortunately, because they can develop very quickly with us, have a lot of freedom to shape their own careers and gain experience at different companies, they often choose us. However, we also notice that medior and senior data professionals are difficult to attract. Curious about our solution?

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We train our data professionals on the job 

A consultant with little work experience may not be able to tackle complex data issues from beginning to end. Under the guidance of a senior data consultant, a lot can be done. That is why some junior consultants work on customer data issues under the supervision of a senior colleague. The advantages at a glance:

  • As a customer you may expect not one, but two enthusiastic data professionals. There is a four-eyes principle for all the work they do for you.
  • Less complex tasks are taken on by the junior, with the senior ensuring the quality of the work.
  • The junior learns quickly thanks to the senior's one-on-one guidance.
  • Knowledge transfer from our consultants to your internal employees is easier because two people are available for knowledge sharing and questions.
  • Both consultants do what they are good at: you don't burden a senior with tasks that are below his level, while the junior likes to dig into them. The energy they get from this ensures optimal results!

Need expertise and/or capacity for your data team? 

Our Business Managers are happy to discuss the specialists you need. They are looking for a challenging assignment for every consultant in our team. Does your organisation have a data issue that we can solve? We would like to hear from you.

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