What does the Digital Power sales process look like?

Let's get started together in 6 steps

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sales conversation
Reimer van de Pol
Business Manager
1 min
31 Oct 2022

Considering to contact us? We can imagine that you'd like to know what is coming next. You can read about our sales process in this article.

One of our Business Managers will guide you through these 6 steps

  1. We contact one another and schedule a telephone or digital introductory meeting of 30-60 minutes. During this meeting, one of our Business Managers will map out your organisation and current situation. We also immediately discuss your opportunities and challenges.
  2. The Business Manager discusses the introductory meeting with our data specialists. In our team of more than 120 consultants, there is always an expert who gives thought to your specific issue.
  3. We schedule a follow-up meeting of +/- 1 hour. This meeting can take place both digitally and physically, at your place or our office. Together with the Business Manager and one or more consultants, we discuss content in more detail: what are your ambitions, wishes and expectations? Why do you want to take these steps, where are you now, which tooling do you use, what will the scope of your assignment be and what are your expectations of the collaboration?
  4. The Business Manager and consultants make a customised proposal together.
  5. We present the proposal digitally or at the office. You can give immediate feedback or take the time to do so. Where necessary, we will process your feedback in the proposal.
  6. Do you want to get started with us? In most cases we can kick off as early as next week. It depends on how quickly we can gain access to your systems, the speed at which any processing agreement is concluded, etc.

During the collaboration we are in close contact about the progress. You set the pace, so you can interact more often. In this phase, the consultant is the first point of contact for the content. He can proceed with all other specialists at Digital Power. The Business Manager remains involved with regard to the form of the collaboration, budget and planning.

Want to get started together?

Please don't hesitate to contact our commercial team.

team commerce
Contact us directly

team Commerce+31(0)20 308 43 90sales@digital-power.com

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