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Joachim van Biemen
Business Manager
3 min
26 Nov 2020

Mimic is a start-up that wants to help parents achieve the best feeding experience for babies through the Mimic baby bottle. This bottle provides the most natural drinking experience possible. Thanks to the patented cup system, the Mimic bottle ensures a calm drinking pace and reduces the risk of colic.

Mimic wanted to work data-driven from the start, in order to gain good insights and thereby grow in a strategic way. Mimic enlisted our help to help them with that. Based on our Building Blocks Model, we were able to indicate in clear steps how we were going to help them work fully data-driven.

Our approach

To get off to a good start, we started with joint sessions to understand why Mimic wanted to work data-driven and what they wanted to achieve with it. It became clear which insights Mimic wanted to obtain: insight into sales, retention and the check-out funnel. Based on this, they wanted to make strategic choices to achieve and further optimise their goals.

We then made an inventory of how Mimic's data infrastructure could best be designed. Not much later, one of our Data Analysts started building a test dashboard. This was completed within a week and provided a small 'sneak peek' with the aim of showing what insights you can get from a dashboard.

The test dashboard left a positive impression. That is why we quickly started working on the actual dashboard. To realise the dashboard, we made an inventory of the data, we retrieved the required data from the various sources and we established relationships between all data in a well-organised data model. We then linked the data and loaded the data into the PowerBI visualisation tool.

The result

Via the dashboard, Mimic has insight into the monthly turnover, the number of products that have been sold and which products these are. They also see how often and which repeat purchases occur, plus how much time (in days) there is between them. In addition, they have insight into a check-out funnel that shows how many people go through the purchase process online and how high the percentage is that actually makes a purchase. The dashboard also shows when users drop out in this process. The dashboard is interactive and is updated daily with the latest data.

As a data partner of Mimic, we are still optimising the PowerBI dashboard and we support in other areas where help can be provided!

Mimic's established KPIs
Mimic's established KPIs

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