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klantcase Fietsvoordeelshop
Joachim van Biemen
Business Manager
3 min
19 Mar 2020

Fietsvoordeelshop has seven physical stores and a webshop. It is one of the most successful bike shops at the moment. In the field of data, the bicycle shop mainly worked with Excel. This means that a lot was done manually, every week. Due to the growth of the organisation and the increasing number of processes, the Excel file became increasingly large and unclear. Fietsvoordeelshop asked us to demonstrate with a data pressure cooker of five days that data-driven work could be of added value.

Our approach

We started with knowledge transfer from Fietsvoordeelshop. They showed us how they worked with Excel. We also discussed the important themes for optimisation. For example, the retailer wants to be able to compare the performance of the branches and the webshop. In addition, they use data to make better purchases and to recommend the right bikes to customers.

Via an API we retrieved the data that was retyped by Fietsvoordeelshop in Excel, directly from the source systems. We brought the data to Power BI using a Python script. We then visualised the relevant data in a dashboard.

The customer was closely involved at every step: this was essential to set up a good dashboard in such a short time. It also helped to gain more understanding for data-driven working and thus to create support.

The result

Fietsvoordeelshop uses the dashboard to produce a weekly report of sales data, margins and performance per store. Processes that used to be done manually using Excel are now automated. As a result, they no longer spend a whole day collecting and processing data manually. They now have clear insight into their data at the push of a button.

The dashboard that we delivered in 5 days is not yet the final product. It presents the first important insights and opportunities for Fietsvoordeelshop in the field of data. They were very excited about the first results!

With the data pressure cooker we showed that data-driven working can offer real added value for Fietsvoordeelshop. We convinced them of the opportunities that data-driven can offer them. They therefore decided that it was time to take further steps in this area.


After the pressure cooker, we set up a basic data infrastructure in Azure. Now we are working on extending the dashboard and connecting new data sources. For example, one of those sources contains the stock data. There is now insight into warehouse stock and stock per store. By combining this data with the sales data, we can even partly predict what will be sold where.

In addition, product specifications are now also being looked at. Fietsvoordeelshop can see which colour, frame size and batteries are frequently sold. We also help them with data analysis and the transition into putting things in practice. With these new insights, Fietsvoordeelshop can further optimise their margins.


Several Data Consultants from Digital Power were involved in the data pressure cooker. A senior consultant set up the project, one of our Data Analysts built the dashboard and when the Azure environment could be built, we deployed a Data Engineer for this. Now one of our professionals works weekly at Fietsvoordeelshop. He can always fall back on our entire team for specialist knowledge.

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