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  • 32 - 40 hours
Data Engineer at work

Work on challenging technical assignments with various clients.

A job as a Data Engineer at Digital Power

If you are looking for challenging technical assignments, then Digital Power is the right place for you. In line with Data Science and Analytics, you will build and design platforms for big data. As part of this, you will work daily with modern techniques such as Airflow, Kubernetes, Docker, Python and Databricks.

You will take on Data Engineering challenges for organisations for commercial clients such as ASML and Philips, as well as start-ups, NGOs and government agencies. In addition to your assignment(s), you will be part of our in-house community. Learn from and with your colleagues and help each other to become even better! Are you not able to figure something out? Our entire team will be there for you.

Data Engineer legt iets uitData Engineer legt iets uit
Collega's bij de bar in AmsterdamCollega's bij de bar in Amsterdam
Collega's aan het tafelvoetballenCollega's aan het tafelvoetballen
Een presentatie op kantoor Amsterdam bij de tribuneEen presentatie op kantoor Amsterdam bij de tribune
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About you

Good to know

Currently, we are only hiring candidates who are authorised to work in The Netherlands at the time of their application. We are in the process of becoming a sponsor for non-EU citizens, however, we cannot make any promises at the moment. Also, you must live in the Netherlands during your employment at Digital Power.

Passionate about data

  • Building APIs and data pipelines, setting up cloud infrastructure and implementing data warehouse solutions all sound like music to your ears!
  • You enjoy being involved with architecture design and are able to translate business and technical requirements into appropriate technical solutions.
  • You don’t shy away from learning new tools and techniques and enjoy the challenge of novel environments.

Required experience

  • You have 1-3 years of experience as a (Cloud) Data Engineer.
  • You have experience working with Python, SQL and Git.
  • You have experience with AWS, Azure and/or Google Cloud Platform.
  • You are able to independently work on the components of a data platform.

Nice to have

  • You are able to write production ready code following Software Engineering best practices.
  • You have experience with one or more of the following tools: Apache Airflow, Databricks, Snowflake, dbt, PySpark, Docker.
  • You know the basics of data storage techniques like data lake, data warehouse and SQL/NoSQL.

What else?

  • You are able to communicate in English, both verbally and in writing
  • You value sharing your knowledge.
  • You are eager to learn and keen on developing yourself.
  • You believe a good atmosphere at work is just as important as your profession.
  • Our 'working at' page gives you positive energy
  • A completed bachelor's or master's degree

Do you not possess all the technical skills yet, but are strongly motivated to become a Data Engineer? Just apply! There are plenty of opportunities within Digital Power to provide you with training.

What we offer

We offer a starting salary of €3100 - €4500 gross per month, depending on your knowledge and experience.

You will get your own learning environment with us in AWS, Azure and GCP.

Unlimited training budget and arrange your own working hours: read here about all the other things we can offer you.

What does your day look like as a Data Engineer at Digital Power?

You kickstart your day with a cup of coffee and check your emails. At 10:00 a.m., you have a scheduled stand-up with the team. You enthusiastically talk about the new feature you're currently working on for the client. Everyone is engaged and shares ideas to make it even better.

After that, you proceed with the development of the feature. Throughout the day, you work closely with your colleagues, leveraging each other's expertise to achieve the best outcome.

In the afternoon, you take a well-deserved break. You walk your dog and enjoy a delightful lunch. This gives you the energy you need to carry on with enthusiasm for the rest of the day.

By the end of the afternoon, the feature you've been working on is complete. To ensure everything is thoroughly checked, you create a pull request. You know that your data engineer colleagues will review it and suggest any improvements.

Where you work each week is a combination of being on-site at the client's premises, working from home, and, of course, an enjoyable day at one of our offices in Amsterdam and Den Bosch. You prefer to travel by public transport: great sustainability, flexibility and free for you, even on days you are not working. Is a (temporary) car more convenient for you? In consultation, many options are possible.

Organise your working week in a way that suits you. As long as you deliver excellent work, your clients are satisfied and your colleagues can rely on you, we are happy and proud to have you as our colleague!

Wondering what it's like to work at Digital Power?

We listed all the important questions and answers for you.

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Do you want to work on these kind of Data Engineering challenges?

A fully automated data import pipeline

Stichting Donateursbelangen aims to strengthen trust between donors and charities. They believe that that trust is based on collecting money honestly, openly, transparently and respectfully. At the same time effectively using the raised donation funds to make an impact. To further this goal, Stichting Donateursbelangen wants to share information about charities with donors through their own search engine.

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data mental healthcare

Central data storage with a new data infrastructure

Dedimo is a collaboration of five mental healthcare initiatives. In order to continuously enhance the quality of their care, they organize internal processes more efficiently. Therefore, they use perceptions from the data that is internally available. Previously, they acquired the data themselves from different source systems with ad hoc scripts. They requested our help to make this process more robust, efficient and to further professionalise it. They asked us to facilitate the central storage of their data, located in a cloud data warehouse. The goal was to set up the data infrastructure within this environment, since they were already used to working with Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

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Improved data quality thanks to a new data pipeline

At Royal HaskoningDHV, the number of requests from customers with Data Engineering issues continue to climb. The new department they have set up for this, is growing. So they asked us to temporarily offer their Data Engineering team more capacity. One of the issues we offered help with involved the Aa en Maas Water Authority.

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Children who participated in a designathon

Making impact measurable

The Designathon Works foundation organises Design Hackathons (Designathons) for children aged 8 to 12. The target? Teaching children from all over the world skills to become a 'changemaker'. They are challenged to design solutions for a better world, for example to combat climate change. From the Datahub, we helped Designathon Works fine-tune the impact measurements free of charge. We also made a first move towards automating data collection, analysis and visualisation.

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fysioholland data

A well-organised data infrastructure

FysioHolland is an umbrella organisation for physiotherapists in the Netherlands. A central service team relieves therapists of additional work, so that they can mainly focus on providing the best care. In addition to organic growth, FysioHolland is connecting new practices to the organisation. Each of these has its own systems, work processes and treatment codes. This has made FysioHolland's data management large and complex.

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A scalable machine-learning platform for predicting billboard impressions

The Neuron provides a programmatic bidding platform to plan, buy and manage digital Out-Of-Home ads in real-time. They asked us to predict the number of expected impressions for digital advertising on billboards in a scalable and efficient way.

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COVID violence tracker

The COVID-19 Violence Tracker

The outbreak of the corona pandemic in early 2020 has turned the world upside down. In addition to countless infections, hospitalisations and deaths, we also saw an outbreak of violence in many countries. Citizens took to the streets, sometimes violently, to protest against the measures taken, but domestic violence also increased in many places and fear and frustration played a role in racism.

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How a start-up starts with data-driven working

Mimic is a start-up that wants to help parents achieve the best feeding experience for babies through the Mimic baby bottle. This bottle provides the most natural drinking experience possible. Thanks to the patented cup system, the Mimic bottle ensures a calm drinking pace and reduces the risk of colic.

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medical gloves

Clear dashboards for the IC team during the Corona crisis

In times of the coronavirus (COVID-19), a good overview of the patients in the scaled-up intensive care of the Utrecht medical centre is vital. Employees must be able to view patient characteristics, the most current lab readings and the course of patients' vital signs at a glance. In addition, up-to-date insight into the bed occupancy per department and the capacity of the nursing staff is required. We immediately got started to provide the necessary insights for UMC Utrecht. As a way of also contributing in these times of crisis, we offered our hours free of charge.

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Measurable impact on social change using a data lake

RNW Media is an NGO that focuses on countries where there is limited freedom of expression. The organisation tries to make an impact through online channels such as social media and websites. To measure that impact, RNW Media drew up a Theory of Change (a kind of KPI framework for NGOs).

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klantcase Fietsvoordeelshop

The proven added value for Fietsvoordeelshop

Fietsvoordeelshop has seven physical stores and a webshop. It is one of the most successful bike shops at the moment. In the field of data, the bicycle shop mainly worked with Excel. This means that a lot was done manually, every week. Due to the growth of the organisation and the increasing number of processes, the Excel file became increasingly large and unclear. Fietsvoordeelshop asked us to demonstrate with a data pressure cooker of five days that data-driven work could be of added value.

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Digital transformation and better internal collaboration thanks to insight into offline and online data.

Publisher Malmberg collects a lot of offline and online data. More and more educational institutions are using online licenses in addition to (or instead of) printed teaching materials. To properly make use of this, Malmberg uses monthly reports. The in-house data team compiles these as input for specific departments. Malmberg asked us to strengthen this team and make the internal processes around data more efficient.

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Valuable insights from Microsoft Dynamics 365

Agrico is a cooperative of potato growers. They cultivate potatoes for various purposes such as consumption and planting future crops. These potatoes are exported worldwide through various subsidiaries. All logistical and operational data is stored in their ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics 365. Due to the complexity of this system with its many features, the data is not suitable for direct use in reporting. Agrico asked us to help make their ERP data understandable and develop clear reports.

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iphone with spotify music

Converting billions of streams into actionable insights with a new data & analytics platform

Merlin is the largest digital music licensing partner for independent labels, distributors, and other rightholders. Merlin’s members represent 15% of the global recorded music market. The company has deals in place with Apple, Facebook, Spotify, YouTube, and 40 other innovative digital platforms around the world for its’ member’s recordings. The Merlin team tracks payments and usage reports from digital partners while ensuring that their members are paid and reported to accurately, efficiently, and consistently.

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Want to know more about this role?

Tsovik will be happy to tell you more about our company, our team and the challenges we can offer you.

Be inspired about Data Engineering

How do I become a Data Engineer?

A few years ago, the job title didn't even exist: Data Engineer. Nowadays, there is a high demand for Data Engineers. Almost every organisation consciously collects data, and the realisation that this must be done in a structured way is growing. If the data you collect is not well organised and correct, you cannot use it as input for making good decisions. Data Engineers build infrastructures that process data. Therefore, they are indispensable to organisations that want to collect and apply their data in a structured way.

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A day in the life of a Data Engineer

For developing modern data applications, a Data Engineer is essential. But what does it actually mean to be a Data Engineer and what exactly do you do? Our colleague Oskar, Data Engineer at Digital Power, explains.

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5 reasons to use Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Infrastructure as Code has proven itself as a reliable technique for setting up platforms in the cloud. However, it does require an additional investment of time from the developers involved. In which cases does the extra effort pay off? Find out in this article.

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data engineer Oskar having a conversation

5 questions for Data Engineer Oskar

In this video, you will find out what a job as a Data Engineer looks like! What does a working week look like, which clients do our Data Engineers work for and what makes working so much fun? Oskar likes to tell you more about it!

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implementing a data platform

Implementing a data platform

Based on our know-how, the purpose of this blog is to transmit our knowledge and experience to the community by describing guidelines for implementing a data platform in an organization. We understand that the specific needs of every organization are different, that they will have an impact on the technologies used and that a single architecture satisfying all of them makes no sense. So, in this blog we will keep it as general as we can.

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Data Engineer at work

Your Data Engineering partner

Generate reliable and meaningful insights from a solid, secure and scalable infrastructure. Our team of 25+ Data Engineers is ready to implement, maintain and optimise your data products and infrastructure end-to-end.

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Why do I need Data Engineers when I have Data Scientists?

It is now clear to most companies: data-driven decisions by Data Science add concrete value to business operations. Whether your goal is to build better marketing campaigns, perform preventive maintenance on your machines or fight fraud more effectively, there are applications for Data Science in every industry.

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5 questions for Data Engineer Dennis

In this video, you will find out what a job as a Data Engineer looks like! What does a working week look like, which clients do our Data Engineers work for and what makes working so much fun? Dennis likes to tell you more about it!

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