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Sandhya van Kordelaar
8 min
29 Mar 2023

Your candidate's journey starts with a touch of awareness. Maybe you have seen our name and logo on Google or LinkedIn in your search for a new job or you may have heard about us via email. Secretly, that green-orange logo has stuck, so you should venture a visit to Digital Power's website. Your journey towards a place in our team has begun! Find out what to expect.

You will probably first check whether there is a suitable vacancy for you… and there is! You listen to our podcasts, watch some photos & videos, read the FAQ  and browse some business cases and blogs. You can only come to one conclusion: "this fun energetic down-to-earth club will be my new employer!" You apply for a vacancy that interests you. Fingers crossed!

I have applied. What's the next step?

This is a typical question many candidates ask themselves during their search for a new challenge. Often one that you can never really get a satisfactory answer to. We at Digital Power are changing that!

1. We read your motivation, check your resume and/or look at your LinkedIn profile

When you apply for a job with us, your application will be sent to our Recruiters Tsovik or Sandhya. You will receive a response to your application within 7 days, but they usually respond within a few days.

When opening your application, we first look at your motivation. This is not mandatory in our application funnel, but a cover letter with your resume often says more than just uploading your resume. There is always a story behind a resume, but also behind certain choices you have made during your life/career.

Of course it also helps us understand what you find important. Not only in your new job, but also in a new organisation and its people. Next up is your resume or LinkedIn profile. We mainly look at your relevant work experience and your knowledge of tools & programming languages.

2. We do a telephone intake

We think it's a shame to waste each other's time: after all, applying for jobs is already a demanding process. That is why we think it is important to first get to know you by telephone and to clarify expectations on both sides.

Is this a GO from both sides? Then it will be really fun and you can get to know our organisation and colleagues. Do you not quite fit the profile we are looking for? We will inform you about this by email within a week.

3. We have a first interview

In theory, our job interviews last one hour. In practice, they take longer most of the time. We are very enthusiastic about our organisation and are happy to tell you all about it! Explaining our culture* is very important to us. In addition, we really want to find out what makes you happy. Only when this is clear we can explore if we can be your perfect employer.

In concrete terms, this means that you can expect a pleasant, personal but also an in-depth interview. In 30% percent of the interviews, the candidate walks out with more self-knowledge.

On your first interview you will meet with our Recruiters and a Business Manager. The Business Managers are primarily responsible for acquiring new assignments and projects. In addition, they are also responsible for matching your needs and development objectives to an assignment that suits you.

Our goal in this interview is to clarify whether our culture and the role you are applying for suit you and whether we can offer you the right challenge. Of course we are also curious about what you have done previously and how you experienced all of it.

We have a lot of job interview and know exactly what we are looking for and believe is important. There is a good chance that in a transparent and in-depth interview we will immediately know whether you are DiP material. A feedback within 1 day is very normal for us! 

*Good to know: our culture is sacred!

Our people make the culture. And it is precisely this culture that makes Digital Power the company it is today. This is why recruitment is an important part of our business operations: we put a lot of time and energy into it. We believe it is important that every colleague fits within our culture and adds value in his own way. We therefore pay a lot of attention to the application process. Not only do we want to know everything about you, but we also want to make sure that you know everything about us.

Read more about our culture here.

4. We have a second interview @ Digital Power

The second interview follows rapidly. At Digital Power, we don't like unnecessarily lengthy procedures. You can be in our office within a week for the second interview. The approach of this interview is slightly different.

First of all, the interlocutors: another Business Manager & a Consultant from your field.

In this meeting, the Business Manager will see whether the sales team can find that perfect instructive assignment for you, whether we can meet your (development) needs and whether we can realise your ambitions together.

You are a consultant to discover what your knowledge & skills are at that moment and whether you will fit within the team and the organisation. We ask you to prepare a case at home prior to the second interview and send it to us. Discussing the case will take about 15 to 20 minutes. In the remaining time, we will go deeper into your previous work experience. This gives us even more insight into your strengths, why you make certain choices & where there are still development opportunities!

For example, are you applying for a position as Technical Web Analyst? Then we could ask you about any previously written measurement plans or code. Or do you want to become a Data Engineer? Then we will ask you to create our Python case. This gives us even more insight into your strenghts, why you make certain choices & where there are still development opportunities!

After the second interview you will know within 1 week whether we will call you our colleague or not! The reason it takes a week, instead of a day, is because hiring a new colleague must be a well-considered decision. This means that a good discussion is held with several people (about 4 to 10) within the organisation in order to reach a decision. When in doubt, we will not hire you.

Regardless of our decisio,, we also find it incredibly important to know what YOU think. This is just as important! But to be honest… in 90% of the cases, both parties cannot wait to sign the contract!

5. We make you an offer

We will first take you through our employment conditions proposal by telephone. Here are all highlights from our employment contract: salary, start date, working hours, holidays, fringe benefits, etc. Of course you can immediately say yes to our offer, but we also perfectly understand if you want to think about it for a while and discuss it with family & friends. Of course, you can always ask any questions you have for us in the meantime!

Are you going for it and can we welcome you as our new colleague? YES! Then we will schedule the best moment of your career: discussing and signing your contract at our office! It will be sent to you a few days in advance so that you have plenty of time to read it. 

Contracts are often difficult to understand because of the legal terms. That is why we always discuss the contract. Here we explain the most important articles and there is room for all your questions. We think it is important that you understand both the fun articles (salary, holidays, development budget) and the serious articles (for example the relationship clause). We have a certain vision of why these articles are included and we are happy to explain how they protect you as an employee or offer you opportunities.

Your start date at Digital Power depends on what we have agreed with each other. As a rule, new colleagues start on the first working day of the month. This means that there is a good chance that you will have your first working day with 2 or more colleagues. We will have a joint kick-off before we start with the onboarding. When you start at Digital Power, you will be linked to a buddy. He will contact you in the run-up to your first working day so that we can get off to a running start together!

After signing your contract, there is nothing left but to pop the champagne at home! Are you signing your contract on a Friday afternoon? Then we will invite you to join our Friday afternoon snack.

Will this be your candidate journey? Apply Now!

Have you become curious about what it is like to work at Digital Power and what you can expect? Take a look here and read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Prefer to apply directly? Go to our job vacancies. 

This is an article by Sandhya van Kordelaar, Corporate Recruiter at Digital Power

Sandhya focuses, among other things, on recruiting new colleagues for Digital Power. She always looks for a match between candidate, job, team and organisation.

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