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Stefan Put
Stefan Put
Business Manager
1 min
02 Mar 2017

To have a good overview of the results of multiple websites at the same time, you need a clear structure as a basis. RNW Media has several project websites, some of which are available in different languages. Our own web development team is responsible for the build and maintenance of this. They set to work with a building block model for building new websites. We were asked to provide a structural solution for measuring all websites.

Our approach

Together with the web development team, we looked at the structure that RNW had in mind for the websites. We also mapped out the objectives and KPIs. Based on this, we determined which website elements should be measured as standard. Each element was assigned a specific value that was applied to all websites. So a share button had the same value on website A as on website B and website C.

The values were measured using Google Tag Manager and the events were reported using Google Analytics. The fixed pattern with specific, recognisable values for all elements was then integrated into RNW's web development process.

The result

Because we already involved the web development team in the development of the tag management plan in the preliminary phase, the processes could be seamlessly integrated. This reduces the risk of data collection being interrupted by errors in the implementation.

All websites are now built based on the same building blocks and our tag management framework. As a result, build is structured and efficient. Every website is now measured on the basis of the same values, so that reports are clear, insightful and comparable.

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