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Reimer van de Pol
Business Manager
3 min
12 Jan 2022

The well-known Dutch band HAEVN was unable to perform due to the corona measures. In order to make the most of their time, they wanted to optimise their new website and webshop. They sell merchandise, CDs and LPs through their Shopify webshop. Fans can also download concert films there. The HAEVN team themselves had little knowledge of data-driven website optimisation and asked us for help.

Our approach

We mapped out optimisation opportunities using an online quick scan. We concluded that the design could be better with regard to the User Experience, the quality of the data collected via Google Analytics was not up to scratch and there were great opportunities for better analysis of the online behavior and performance of marketing activities. This includes insight into the difference between users via mobile versus desktop and a better picture of drop-out moments in the checkout process.

After the presentation of our findings from the quick scan, HAEVN asked us to address the points for improvement from the quick scan. We made an estimate of hours for each part of the quick scan. The basic principle was that they would do as much as possible themselves and that we would transfer our knowledge.

First, we focused on optimising data quality. We created a good foundation in Google Analytics and improved the measurements of the checkout process (the checkout funnel) of the webshop. We also implemented the UX optimisation tool Hotjar for qualitative insights into visitor behaviour. This allows us to review sessions on the website and create scroll maps and heatmaps that provide more insight into the use of web pages. The free version of the tool was sufficient for the HAEVN website.

We then let the tools collect data. We analysed the qualitative data from Hotjar and analysed the use of the checkout funnel. We also zoomed in deeper on the use of the website on mobile versus desktop. In addition, we implemented the points for improvement from a Google page speed optimisation report to make the website faster. A faster website is not only more user-friendly, but also ranks better in Google search results.

The result

We made the data transparent by building a Google Datastudio dashboard. This gives HAEVN real-time insight into the performance of the checkout funnel. They can also see how the website is used.

Due to the adjustments we made, the webshop conversion of visitors who were referred from the HAEVN website to the webshop has increased by more than 6%. We passed on our knowledge to the manager of the band. HAEVN can now rely on its website data and continue to work with it.

If they continue to grow in the future and want to take the next step, they can always contact us for further optimisation. We are fans!

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