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Joachim van Biemen
Business Manager
3 min
03 Feb 2017

Various departments within Univé made decisions based on data from multiple data sources and separate reports. As a result, each department made decisions based on different information. The departments were also not always aware of each other's performance. We investigated how the integration of the data sources using the Microsoft Power BI visualisation tool could improve decision-making.

Our approach

We collected the various data sources in one central place. We then automated the data refresh in collaboration with Univé's Marketing Intelligence specialists so that new data was available every day. We linked all data sources in Power BI. To clearly map out the wishes, we met with various stakeholders within Univé. We asked them about their information needs, and we mapped out the objectives and KPIs together.

We created a mock-up of the Power BI dashboard based on the information obtained. We then built the final dashboard in consultation with the organisation. This dashboard is regularly evaluated and optimised with the stakeholders. This way, it always shows the most relevant information for each department and Univé as a whole.

dashboard Unive
The dashboard above contains fictitious data and therefore in no way provides insight into Univé's actual figures.

The result

With the dashboard, more than 100 people within Univé had clear and current insight into the KPIs during the care campaign. For example, the dashboard provides insight into healthcare inflow and outflow, migration and collective share. As a result, better decisions were made, and the ROI of the campaign increased significantly.

The same method is now also applied to other campaigns. Thanks to the application of Power BI, various departments within Univé, from the Board of Directors to Marketing, make decisions based on the same information. Because the data is refreshed daily, they can make timely adjustments where necessary for the best result.

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