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Sander van Dorsten
Data Engineer
6 min
11 Oct 2020

In June 2020, Sander became part of our team. Although he started in the middle of corona time, he soon noticed that he was greatly stimulated to make contact with his new colleagues. This largely came naturally as part of our onboarding program: "This matched perfectly to my needs: I started calling many colleagues myself to get acquainted! "Read how Sander designs his own training as a data engineer."

Affinity with the technical side of data? Develop your career in data engineering!

From his very first day, Sander was involved in finding his first assignment. He conducted exploratory discussions with our business managers so that they understood what kind of challenges suited him. This was especially important in his case because he has a background in artificial intelligence and data science but would like to develop towards data engineering:

"I was trained as a data scientist and gained work experience in this field during the first years of my career. Within my teams, I regularly took on the tasks that a data/software engineer should take on. We frequently lacked such a specialist in our teams because there is a greater demand for data engineers than supply. I have a lot of affinity with data engineering and concluded that as a data engineer I would have the choice of a wide range of products/companies for which I could work. That is why I chose to further develop myself as a data engineer at Digital Power."

How to design your own training as a Data Engineer 

As a (junior) data engineer, it is essential that you are consciously engaged in your personal and professional development. In addition to attending training and education courses on data engineering, you can benefit a lot from an employer who gives you time to learn. Colleagues who already have experience with data engineering and who can share their knowledge with you are also indispensable. In addition, you learn a lot by really getting started with data engineering assignments!

Sander started his career, for example, with two traineeships, as a data scientist, and as a consultant. He gained a better insight into his learning, and he made a well-considered switch to a position as Data Engineer at Digital Power.

"The most important thing Digital Power has given me is the confidence and the space to do my career in my way. I found enthusiastic and studious colleagues at Digital Power and got the space to develop myself. On their initiative, but also together with colleagues. For example, I did an online course for working on the Azure platform with my new colleague Oskar, I was able to support Michael on a project at Mimic where we set up a data platform together, and I was able to organize my own time to learn what I thought could add value to my profile and career."


Your first assignment in your new role as data engineer 

We believe that you learn through your education, by gaining knowledge from your colleagues, and, above all, by doing. Although he didn't have that much experience as a data engineer, Sander quickly got orders with a data engineering component. It is quite challenging, but with a lot of effort and help from colleagues, it is perfectly possible.

He started with two short-term part-time assignments, each lasting six weeks. With that experience, preparation together with colleagues, and because he was given the space by us to study topics that were new to him, he was ready for his first major assignment.

"This assignment is for the National Road Traffic Data Portal (NDW), part of Rijkswaterstaat. Here I am building a data platform to exchange road traffic data between different (government) partners. I now work here as a Python Developer in a DevOps team in which I work out complex data transformations for, among other things, traffic reports. A challenging and very instructive job!"

Look beyond your assignment 

When, as a consultant, you have time left over outside of your assignment, you can use that time to gain new knowledge and/or contribute to the internal organization. For example, you can follow, write or give training courses, make a substantive contribution to sales conversations or share your knowledge via a blog article. For example, you can follow, write, or give training courses; make a substantive contribution to sales conversations; or share your knowledge via a blog article.

Do you see, besides the possibilities we offer you as an organization, a great new opportunity for Digital Power? You can get started with our organization backlog!

"One of the best things I've been able to do within Digital Power is to start my Python class to help data analysts with programming challenges for a few months. This arose bottom-up because a lot of data analysts wanted to work more with Python, and I had experience with that. I got a lot of energy from setting up a lesson program together, and was given the freedom to set it up myself with my Digital Power colleagues! "

Develop yourself as a Data Engineer, in corona time?! 

As a data engineer, great assignments are up for grabs. The demand for good professionals who have an affinity for the technical side of data is enormous. Do you not have that much experience yet, but do you like to learn, and do you think it is important, just like Sander, that you are given the space to do this, but that you are also optimally facilitated? Then view our vacancy for a data engineer, apply, and get to know us! 

"2020 will always be a crazy year for me. I had to head back from Colombia in a hurry, but shortly afterward I fell into a warm bath with new colleagues at Digital Power. I have met a large number of inspiring people here, and I feel very much at home within the company. Even with all the measures regarding the coronavirus, even with the fact that I only met half of my colleagues through a screen. A lot is invested in me as an employee, and I am very happy about that. There is also a lot of investment in team spirit, and I enjoy being part of this team! "

Would you like to strengthen our data engineering team? 

We are currently looking for people like Sander. View our vacancy for a Data Engineer and apply. We would love to meet you! 

This is an interview with Sander van Dorsten, Data Engineer at Digital Power

Sander van Dorsten

Data Engineersander.vandorsten@digital-power.com

This is an article by Marloes de Bruin, Marketing Manager at Digital Power

Marloes de Bruin is Marketing Manager at Digital Power. She is a strategic, all-round marketer, passionate about data-driven marketing. She writes on a variety of topics using input from our data consultants.

Marloes de Bruin

Marketing Managermarloes.debruin@digital-power.com

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