EP 1: Almost graduated and ready for your first job as a data professional?

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Graduation intern Stijn
Stijn van Geene
Graduation intern
3 min
17 May 2022

How do you find out what you want, and what do you look for in job vacancies? Will you opt for a large company, a small company, a consultancy or something else? These are some of the questions that our graduation intern Stijn had to deal with. He had a discussion with his colleagues to get answers to these questions. The result? The Data Choice Cast! In this podcast, Stijn asks all his pressing questions and receives tips that help him (and hopefully you, too) to make the right choice in choosing a job in the data world.

Episode 1: Job Almekinders

In the first episode, Job is a guest who graduated in June 2021 and has been working at Digital Power since September. In this blog, we provide an overview of several important insights and tips from the conversation. Listen to the Dutch podcast below.

A big vs. small company

Choosing between a big or a small company is an important issue when looking for your first job. One of the ways to find out what suits you is by doing internships or working somewhere as a working student. Job said: "I had already worked for a while at a small company after my bachelor's degree, so I wanted to write my master's thesis at a big company to get a feel of the differences."

Apply as a junior data professional

How do you tackle that? Job has taken a fairly broad approach to the application process and wanted to find out what suits him during the interviews. He saw the application process as a discovery and spoke to different types of parties for different positions. And at the time, Job also talked a lot to people he knew who were just a few years further along to ask about their experiences.

Consultancy vs. employed at a company

Why consultancy? Job had this to say about it: "I just really like varied work. The advantage of consultancy is that you can do all kinds of different projects of relatively short duration, allowing you to work with many different tools and learn about multiple domains. It is interesting to see how organisations work on both a technical and a business level."

Stijn en Job
Stijn en Job

Tips from Job

  1. Visit many events during your studies to talk to companies
  2. Talk to people and don't be afraid to start a conversation
  3. Submit many applications for varying positions
  4. Try to clarify for yourself what you do and don't want in a job
  5. Communicate clearly with recruiters about what you are looking for

Basically, go out and talk to people!

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In episode 2 Stijn will talk to Data Analyst Niels. Listen to the nex episode.

This is a podcast with Stijn van Geene

Stijnis a Data Scientist/Engineer graduate who wrote his Masters thesis with Digital Power's data engineering team. He is broadly interested in the fields of data, business and entrepreneurship, which is also how a passion for making podcasts was born.

Stijn van Geene

Graduation intern

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