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Erik van der Kooij
Commercial Manager
3 min
06 Nov 2018

In the tight labour market, professionals no longer choose their new employer only because of the employment conditions. Increasingly, they decide whether or not to come on board and stick around based on employee experience. The 'employee experience' is therefore important in all phases. Not only at the recruitment and selection level, but also, for example, when processing a claim.

Employee satisfaction is an important KPI to Driessen Groep. That is why we started working together on mapping the customer journeys of (prospective) employees. The focus was on starters joining the labour market, with a focus on the acquisition phase.

Our approach

We organised an inspirational session in which the HRM department learned to discover and clarify the target group's needs. We also mapped out the ideal customer journey together and identified areas for improvement. During the first part of the session, we taught the HRM department theoretical knowledge about employee experience, the ideal optimisation process, the relationship with data and KPIs. Then the team was split in two. This allowed them to work out every part of the acquisition phase.


The result

Exchanges of views and lively discussions resulted in effective customer journeys tailored to the target group. In addition, various points for improvement were brought up and addressed immediately.

It also became clear to the team that a customer-driven (in this case employee-driven) approach is essential. Frequent contact with the candidate is very important. Feedback on the process and experience also matters. Driessen can now start developing a structural optimisation process. We are joining forces to further optimise the experience of new employees with the help of data.


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