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Zev Posma
Business Manager
3 min
06 Apr 2020

KLM Digital Studio builds innovative digital solutions to make working at KLM more efficient, effective and enjoyable. One of the teams within Digital Studio, the Service Design team, is concerned with user experience. They conduct user research, build designs and test design ideas for new digital solutions. KLM asked us to provide insight into the impact of this team on the UX of its internal tools.

Our approach

First we visualised the working method of the Service Design team. This was the Double Diamond model: Discover, Define, Build, Test. Next we plot the research methods used on that model: desk research, shadowing, interviews and qualitative user tests.

A clear overview emerged: the Service Designers used qualitative methods that clearly expose the how and why of problems in the user experience. However, quantitative data was missing to say anything about the extent of user problems and the impact that new smart designs have made on them. There was therefore no insight into the percentage decrease in the number of user problems after a new app design.

We set up a workshop with the Service Designers to plot quantitative research methods in the Double Diamond model. Examples of this are closed surveys and behavioural data from user tests and digital analytics. This created a better balance between qualitative and quantitative methods.

The result

The Service Design team is now working with a modified version of the Double Diamond model. A baseline measurement is performed on each project to quantify the extent of user problems. Every new design is tested with a test measure to see by what percentage the user problems have been reduced.

This new working method has been included in a working document that is used as a reference work. In this way, the team works in a uniform manner on the same process. The new working method has been incorporated directly into the current UX studies so that we can adjust and advise where necessary.

Thanks to the new baseline and test measurements, the UX value is expressed in concrete figures. For instance, think of the time that users need to do their work in digital applications. This makes the impact and ROI of the Service Design team more transparent.

The modified version of the Double Diamond model
The modified version of the Double Diamond model

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