Higher customer satisfaction and increased conversion by setting up an A/B test environment


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Vodafone started a 3-month 'digital boost' project with the aim of improving the conversion of the online shop. The project team consisted of external digital professionals, each with their own specialism. As part of this project, we set up an A/B test environment with the aim of improving the user experience and thus increasing conversion.

Our approach

Vodafone had its own testing tool, but it turned out to be insufficient for the organisation's ambitious new objectives. Bearing the future in mind, we selected the A/B testing tool Optimisely and implemented it on the website. We then integrated the tool with Adobe Analytics and Tealium. In close collaboration with the team, we continuously tested new features on the website with the aim of optimising them. Think of the positioning and texts of CTAs and the formats of banners. Together with Vodafone, we evaluated the results and mapped out the steps that had to be taken to bring the conversion to the desired level.

The result

The web pages were optimised based on the results of the A/B tests and a number of user surveys. Vodafone implemented various changes based on our advice. As a result, website conversion increased by 5%. Our test environment and our advice formed the basis for future optimisation projects with the aim of improving the digital user experience.

The Customer Experience Specialist who contributed to the project, remained actively involved in Vodafone even after the digital boost project. For example, she helped develop roadmaps to improved user experience and personalisation.

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