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Erik van der Kooij
Commercial Manager
3 min
28 Jan 2020

KLM employees work with various applications on a daily basis. For example, the ground staff uses Appy2Help. This digitises work processes and supports employees in answering all questions from passengers. iMech helps to free up more time for maintenance instead of administration and the intranet is my. klm is the starting point for everyone within KLM to find information. KLM asked us to support various teams in developing good applications using insights from user data.

Our approach

We started with an analysis of the intranet. After collecting and analysing the data, adjustments were made. These turned out to save the users a lot of time: reason enough to also analyse other existing and newly developed tools.

In close collaboration with the Data Analyst of the KLM Digital Studio, we supported the entire process of expanding the capability. From demonstrating, participating to coaching the team to extract value from usage data and thus realise tools with impact.

The main questions here are:

  • Is the product being used?
  • How is the product used?
  • How high is the user-friendliness?
  • Do we achieve the business objectives?

In consultation with the Product Owners and Business Analysts of different teams, we formulate hypotheses and evaluate the adjustments. In addition, we ensure that the data required for this is properly collected.

The insights obtained are shown to the teams using various dashboards. In this way, we help them make informed decisions based on the collected data.

The result

Thanks to continuous monitoring and optimisation of the internal tools at KLM, the employees are strengthened in their work. After all, with the help of good products they work more efficiently and with more enjoyment. Certain tasks become easier, faster to complete, and more fun to do.

The focus of the product development teams is no longer only on producing new tools and features. Much more attention is paid to analysing user data and evaluating the insights. Has a product or feature delivered real value to the user? How about for the business?

Currently, more than 20 products are supported by the team. From KPIs and data collection to insights and optimisation.

Want to know more?

Erik is happy to talk to you about what we can do for you and your organisation as a data partner.

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