Cookie scanner: automatic recognition and classification of all your cookies

Map your cookies and become GDPR compliant quickly

Set-up of a GDPR-proof customised cookie scanner within one week.
A scan within a few hours.

No more time spent on manual actions: the cookie scanner recognises and classifies your cookies automatically.

A complete overview of the cookies on your corporate website with complex implementations like a separate customer portal.

A customised scanner that delivers output in your preferred format while taking your own custom cookie banner into account.

Implemented by an experienced data professional who understands your organisation, processes and technical set-up.

These companies already use the cookie scanner:

data consultancy bij vgz
data consultancy bij unive
data consultancy bij eneco
data consultancy bij postnl
data consultancy bij anwb

Step-by-step plan and example of the output of the cookie scanner. Click on the image to zoom in.

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