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Reimer van de Pol
Business Manager
3 min
02 Apr 2020

Venturn's consultants are active in the maritime and logistics sectors. The service provider itself organises soft skills training for their employees. In addition, there was a need for training in the field of data-driven work. Venturn asked us to develop tailor-made data training.

Our approach

Together with Venturn, we drew up a programme that matched the needs and level of the consultants. We built the training on the basis of our own Building Blocks Model. The programme consisted of 5 parts: in each part, we went deeper into a layer in the model.

In part 1, we discussed the topics of data collection, data architecture, and infrastructure and why it is important to understand how these parts work together. This was followed by a training course on how your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) relate to your organisational goals and where they recur in your data infrastructure.

In the two subsequent training courses, we taught the Venturn consultants how to analyse and visualize data. They can use this to recognize, unlock, and present data points.

In the last training sessions, we discussed the applicability of R as a tool for data analysis and we discussed how statistics help you to validate what the answer teaches you.

The result

The structure of the training courses and the order of the information based on our Building Blocks Model worked well. The participants now have a clear picture of how data can be used for an organisation.

In all training courses that were part of the data training for Venturn, we referred to the learning objectives of the previous training. In this way, the participants were assured of a logical structure.

In each training, we incorporated assignments that helped the consultants immediately apply the acquired knowledge. Due to this clear translation of the theory about data-driven working into their daily practice, the training offered a lot of added value for Venturn.

The participants were very enthusiastic and rated the training with an average of 8.

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