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Reimer van de Pol
Business Manager
3 min
07 Jul 2021

KPN's Team Digital wondered whether more value could be gained from their existing customers. Using the available data, we looked at where – within the existing online customer journeys – there were opportunities for cross-selling and upsell.

Our approach

Determine what success is

Before we could analyse where opportunities lay within existing online customer journeys, we had to answer an important question: what does success mean to this team?

We tried to answer this question as well as possible and to validate it with relevant stakeholders inside and outside the team. From this we found that increasing the total number of cross-sell and upsell sales and increasing the conversion rates in the customer journeys are considered the most important success factors. In addition, we monitored the share of digital sales relative to total sales (including offline and smart TV sales) to monitor the overall growth of the organisation. This allowed us to always put our performance in a broader perspective and draw the right conclusions.

Based on the above-mentioned success factors, we drew up logical metrics, which we collected from various data sources. We built a dashboard in which we processed these metrics in various visualisations. This gave the team direct and real-time insight into the performance.

The analysis

Once we had a good insight into our success factors, we could start with the analyses. We defined the main problem areas based on both quantitative analyses (web analytics and heatmaps) and qualitative analyses (user feedback, recordings and user tests).

One of the opportunities we saw was that certain television-related pages – which were actually set up to upsell customers with KPN's Television product – were visited by customers with a KPN mobile product. This meant that there was cross-sell potential here, which had not yet been used.

We proposed to offer these users a personalised entrance to the cross-sell shop on these pages. We validated this by A/B testing. The test results showed that for this group of users we saw an increase in the number of cross-sell sales, without a decrease in the number of upsell sales. This solution worked, so we implemented it right away.

Each A/B test provided new insights into the needs and behaviour of our target audience. Test variants that performed better were immediately implemented in the live environment.

Securing knowledge in the organisation

To make the effects of our approach more broadly applicable within KPN, we have set up various knowledge sessions. We also gave training courses and organised meet-ups in which we could transfer knowledge in the field of web data, KPI setting and statistics within and outside Team Digital.

The result

The success factors identified and the resources available to analyse qualitative and quantitative data helped us better understand these customer journeys. Together with KPN, we have set up a process in which the prioritisation of tests, the preliminary calculation of tests, conducting test analyses and safeguarding learnings is a recurring cycle. Thanks to our approach, we have been able to help KPN with a data-driven process within the cross-sell and upsell journeys.

The future

As a data partner of KPN, we will continue to provide support in the field of data-driven working. We keep the dashboard that we have created up-and-running and we continue to look for optimisation opportunities within the company.

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