Data services

When you work in a data-driven way, you want everything to actually work. We guarantee continuity and help you to expand.

Data services

When you work in a data-driven way, you want everything to actually work. We guarantee continuity and help you to expand.

Always the right competencies available

Do you want to be sure that your data-driven processes continue to run smoothly? That you not only make the right decisions regarding the set-up of your data operation, but that your tooling and processes really continue to work smoothly?

You can always contact our Data Consultants via our Data Services. They will help you to keep your data operation in optimal shape and to adjust it where necessary.

From data to action

A team of specialists who help you ensure the continuity of your data processes


We ensure that you can undertake data driven activities in a compliant and safe manner. To this end, we develop and implement processes, procedures and the necessary documentation.


Technological developments and innovations follow each other in rapid succession. We help you proactively to stay up-to-date. In this way, your data infrastructure and processes move with the market.


There is always a next step you can take to deal more effectively with your data. We support you in expanding your data operation and help you grow step by step.


Are you still compliant? Does all tagging on the website work properly and is the data you collect still correct? We monitor your data quality and solve measurement errors quickly.

The right knowledge at the right time

Nowhere else does so much specialist knowledge come together as with Digital Power. We understand that it is nice to work with a permanent team and we offer this where necessary. Because we have different types of specialists, we can flexibly deploy the competencies you need. This way you can be sure that you have specific knowledge at your disposal at the moment you need it.

The expertise of our Data Consultants

Every specialist in our team has knowledge in the field of Data Analytics and data-driven work. Do you need capacity or do you have a specific question or wish? Via our Data Services there is always someone ready to help you.


Collect reliable data and transform it into real-time dashboards, clear insights and objective advice.

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Web Analysts

Implement online analytics and other digital tracking to measure what you want to know with reliable data as output.

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Customer Experience Specialistst

Translate insights from data into effective actions. The result? More conversions, better products and an optimal customer experience.

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Turn unstructured big data into clear insights and strategic plans for the future, and can also explain it to you.

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Help you build a solid data infrastructure/data warehouse, or link data from different sources for better insights.

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From data to action with Digital Power, your data partner

We offer you data consultancy and strategic advice, as well as hands-on expertise and specialist skills. Need help with a data project? We advise, offer capacity or take the project from A to Z out of your hands.

Through our data services we help you ensure the continuity of your data processes. Want to learn for yourself how to get more value out of your data? If so, we can provide tailor-made training for you, your team or your entire organisation.

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