What is the added value of a data consultancy agency over a freelancer?

6 advantages of working with a data agency

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Stefan Put
Stefan Put
Business Manager
3 min
16 Dec 2022

If you wish to hire external data expertise, there are several options. Should you choose to partner with a data consulting agency like Digital Power or hire a freelancer? Discover the benefits of working with an agency in this article.

1. Ensure continuity of your data operations

If your data operations are temporarily down, you could miss out on important insights or work might not be done as efficiently. This comes at a high cost. The advantage of an agency over a freelancer is that an agency can quickly arrange for replacements if your external data expert drops out or quits.

2. Be leading the market

To be at the forefront of the market, you constantly need to be on top of the latest developments. Within a data agency, this has a constant focus: an entire team of data experts follows the latest developments and proactively share this with each other and with you, the client.

3. Take the next steps in your data maturity

Is your data maturity increasing? A data agency can get more senior data experts to brainstorm with you relatively easily. Together, they will take you to the next level.

4. Get inspired by other data areas in the market

Do you want to pick up new data issues? An agency with broad expertise within the data domain can better support you and identify new opportunities. For example, you start with a dashboarding issue and you discover that your data is out of order. Then it would be nice if your data partner also offered solutions for that, right?

5. Learn from best practices from other sectors

An agency usually has experience in different sectors. The best practices of other organisations are translated to your practice. This also puts you in a better position to spot opportunities and new innovations.

Why choose to work with Digital Power instead of working with a different data consulting agency?

What makes working with Digital Power as a data partner unique is that you can not solely rely on the knowledge of the consultant working on your data issue. As we facilitate maximum knowledge sharing, that consultant actually has access to our entire team of more than 100 data professionals. This means we are better equipped to solve problems and spot opportunities than a freelancer is.

Digital Power has broad expertise within the data domain. Not only do we have a lot of knowledge in-house: our company culture is all about helping each other, giving honest feedback and thinking in practical solutions. This is how we really help you move from having data to getting things done. Furthermore, we work for SME organisations as well as multinationals, in the commercial sector, for the government and the social sector.

Interested in what we can do for you?

Stefan is more than happy to talk to you about your challenges, wishes and opportunities. Contact us directly.

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