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Do you want to keep insight into the performance of your website or app? And do you want to be able to spot growth opportunities in your organisation? Then it is important to understand how to set up GA4 and understand how to create reports, funnels or dashboards! We are happy to be your right hand during the transition to GA4.

GA4 training sessions are guided by a data professional and are available at your location. A maximum of 9 attendees can participate, so there is enough time for personal attention. You get to work with your own dataset so that you can already get valuable insights from your data during the training!

A working GA4 account is a requirement for attending the course.

Who is this training for?

This training is for online marketers, product owners, web analysts, users and managers who want to gain insights from online data using Google Analytics 4. The training is tailored to the knowledge level and needs of your organization.


Learn all the ins and outs about Google Analytics in our GA4 training course

During the basic training, we will cover the fundamental principles and features of GA4. The advanced training will explore deeper into the advanced capabilities within GA4. We recommend taking the basic training first to ensure a good level of knowledge.

After participating in our GA4 basic training you should be able to comfortable navigate the GA4 Reports Interface and apply filters and audiences. You will understand the process of GA4 data collection; from an interaction on your website to metrics and dimensions in GA4. In this way, you can monitor the performance of your marketing activities.

ga4 training

After participating in our GA4 advanced training you will have an in-depth understanding of the Reports Interface as well as the Explore Module. You will be familiar with the various ways of visualising and reporting GA4 data. Besides that, you can make an informed decision on which method of reporting best suits your needs.

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Google Analytics on a laptop screen

Google Analytics 4 vs. Google Analytics 3: What are the pros and cons?

If you want to keep track of free statistics about website visitors and their behaviour on your website, you will quickly turn to Google Analytics. With the free version of Universal Analytics (better known as GA3), it only takes a few minutes to set up basic metrics such as users, sessions and pageviews. For more extensive analyses, you have the paid version Google Analytics 360. As of July 2024, GA3 will no longer be supported by Google. Time to switch to the new GA4. Read all about the pros and cons of the new Google Analytics in this article.

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Insight into Google Analytics 4 data

The end date for using Universal Analytics is getting closer and closer. Many companies have been collecting data in Google Analytics 4 (hereafter; GA4) for some time now. The next step is to visualise GA4 data in the right way. This process raises new questions. "When do I visualise my data in GA4 explore?" and "How do I deal with the quota limits for Looker Studio if I want to make GA4 data insightful?". Our decision tree will help you make the right choices.

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Google Analytics logo

Implementation of Google Analytics 4

An interest group for homeowners offers a wide range of content and services on its website that can be closed online. In order to serve its website visitors in the best possible way, interactions with the services, funnels and content pages must be properly measured. They already did this with our support, with Universal Analytics (GA3). To be well prepared for the future, they asked us to implement Google Analytics 4.

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Measure ecommerce events in GA4 and Universal Analytics with only the updated datalayer pushes

With our variable in the Google Tag Manager Community Template Gallery it is easy to start using all the new ecommerce analytics capabilities that Google Analytics 4 offers while fully supporting the 'old' enhanced ecommerce of Universal Analytics. Find out how the variable works.

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GA Dashboard

What to do about broken Looker Studio dashboards?

Did the following scenario happen to you last week? While enjoying your morning coffee, you take a look at your pride and joy: a meticulously created Looker Studio dashboard built with the GA4 connector. You rub the sleep from your eyes and see your charts are all broken. Frantic phone calls from colleagues are pouring in. What is happening? Find out in this post what the consequences of Google’s newly imposed quota on the Google Analytics Data API are.

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