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Marloes de Bruin
Marketing Manager
5 min
09 Mar 2022

You are almost done with your studies and looking for an employer that offers you the opportunity to learn everything about the field of data. Or you are no longer challenged in your current position and would like to become more technical. In both cases, you do not want to follow unpaid courses, but you would like to get started as soon as possible for real customers, with a serious salary. Does this sound familiar? Then these data traineeships are really something for you.

Traineeship Tracking & Analytics: collect reliable online data with Javascript, HTML and CSS 

Nowadays every company has a website or app and wants insight into its use. Web data can teach you a lot about the wishes, needs and preferences of your target group. If the data is correct, that is. This is often where things to wrong. Sometimes a company (accidentally) collects personal data via the website, the analytics implementation does not comply with the GDPR or decisions are made based on incorrect data.

More and more companies are aware that their online data quality can be improved. They turn to us for help. Our Technical Web Analysts are the link between technology and analysis and collect reliable, relevant web data. They are experts in measuring online behaviour and understand exactly how online interactions work technically.

You don't learn the skills of a good Technical Web Analyst at school. The best way to learn to work with Javascript, HTML and CSS is to solve real problems.

Do you already have some experience with an analytics tool such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics or Piwik and do you think it would be a nice challenge to solve puzzles with code? We are happy to train you to become a Technical Web Analyst through the Tracking & Analytics traineeship!

Traineeship Data Engineering: Translating Data Science models into practice 

Data Science is trending and more and more organisations want to do something with it. In recent years, several Data Science courses have been established in the Netherlands. A nice development, but merely having Data Scientists in-house won't cut it.

Data Scientists make beautiful models that have wonderful predictive value with their model on their own laptop. In practice, we see that such a model only creates value if it is built into an IT infrastructure. Unfortunately, you do not learn this in a Data Science course. The demand for people who can do this is growing considerably.

At Digital Power, we teach Data Scientists and other data professionals who want to become more technical how to operationalise data science models. Do you have experience with a programming language such as Python or Scala and do you want to become a much sought-after data expert? And do you want to work daily with techniques such as Airflow, Kubernetes and Databricks? We are happy to train you to become a Data Engineer!

During the traineeship Data Engineering, you will work for real customers under the guidance of our experienced Data Engineers. You supplement the practical experience you gain with hard- and soft-skill training courses. After all, it's great if you can build something, but you also have to be able to explain it to the users.

We do not currently offer this traineeship. Do you nevertheless want to join our Data Engineering team?

Why follow a data traineeship at Digital Power?

At Digital Power, your development is central. You not only learn from your experienced supervisors, training courses and practical assignments, but you also participate in peer groups and professional meet-ups.

On assignments for customers you often work together with data professionals who are involved in Customer Experience or Data Analytics. You can therefore look beyond your own specialisation and still decide to go in a different direction during your career. Although you are still learning, you will receive a serious starting salary and the prospect of a permanent contract after your one-year traineeship.

As a data trainee at Digital Power, you become part of a close-knit team of data experts. In addition to plenty of development opportunities, we offer a unique working atmosphere and a culture in which everyone gives each other the world.

Are you still in doubt? Read more about working at Digital Power here or give one of our Recruiters a call. 

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