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Marloes de Bruin
Marketing Manager
6 min
16 Nov 2020

When your candidate journey ends and you join us, your employee journey begins. You will be invited to the office to sign your contract and then it's the days countdown to your first day at work!

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Prior to the first day you will receive an email with practical information about the ins and outs of the office. On your first day at work you want to start well informed and confident. Then it doesn't help if you don't know where to park your bike, what the lunch facilities are like or when it's convenient to be in the office.

What your induction period looks like

It is super important to us that you feel at home. Of course we do our best during the application process, but it doesn't stop there! During the first weeks you will be introduced to the company by a Business Manager, drink coffee with colleagues and you will be enthusiastically invited to a foosball game. Moments when the whole team is in the office are quite unique. That's why you also get to know each other partly digitally through tools like Teams and Whatsapp. Everyone is looking forward to getting to know you, sharing knowledge and exchanging experiences!

To get you up and running quickly and well, in your first week you will receive quite a list of how to's & to do's: from creating your Digital Power resume to updating your LinkedIn profile and from booking hours for the first time to installing the printer. Through various emails, we'll explain certain HR-related issues and introduce you to our internal Digital Power Academy. You quickly sign up for your first training sessions: not just important for your development, but certainly also a great opportunity to get to know your colleagues.

Preparation for your first assignment

Meanwhile, our Business Managers will start looking for a great assignment for you. To prepare you optimally for this, you will receive an e-mail with CV tips and the 'handbook for a golden intake'.

Meanwhile, you may be wondering about your travel expenses, declarations and days off. That information is all in our Digital Talent Handbook. Things that bother you can be discussed with our confidant, buddy or in a small setting during a peer group meeting. In the email you receive, we also explain what the development cycle looks like.

Let's get to work!

You will start working for your first client or collaborate on internal projects. This way, you can show what knowledge and experience you bring to the table, but also discover who you can turn to if you have problems with something. The longer you are part of our team, the more you will experience what it is like to be a 'DiP-per'. Thus, you will find that we greatly appreciate it when you help build our organisation.

As an organisation, we are working on many different things. We greatly appreciate everyone's input in this respect! We will inform you by e-mail about how you can help in Recruitment, Marketing, our Academy and Sales. You get an insight into our internal processes and learn more and more about what the staff does. The more knowledge you gain, the more you can contribute to the growth of our organisation.

Ways you can help build Digital Power

Do you like to look beyond your profession? The other e-mails from our onboarding programme consist of information, inspiration and tips on the different ways you can help build Digital Power.

For example, do you have a nose for new developments or do you get energy from transferring your knowledge? Then help our staff in areas such as:


  • Providing good profiles of potential new colleagues
  • Conducting informative interviews with interested candidates to give them a better picture of our company
  • Attend job interviews

Marketing & Events:

  • Attending events and trade fairs as an ambassador
  • Strengthen our position as thought leader by speaking at events or giving guest lectures
  • (Help) develop content such as blogs, white papers, customer cases, podcasts and videos


  • Spotting sales opportunities in your own network/at your current client's/in the marketplace
  • Spotting developments in the market
  • Attending sales meetings
  • Participating in quotation processes and tenders


  • Preparing and/or delivering training sessions and webinars
  • Supervising colleagues as a buddy or supervising consultant

A job on our team goes beyond your profession!

If you want, you can develop strongly at Digital Power not only in terms of subject matter, but also in a broader sense. We love doing business together and we are always open to feedback and new initiatives.

Do you have an idea or do you see a process that could be improved? Then suggest it for our organisational backlog. We will then be happy to help you investigate whether you can make even more impact. We will soon explain in a new article what exactly our organisational backlog is and how it works.

Are you looking for a job where you get to do more than 'just' your work? View our job openings.

This is an article by Marloes de Bruin

Marloes de Bruin is Marketing Manager at Digital Power. She is a strategic, all-round marketer with a passion for data-driven marketing. She writes on a variety of topics with input from our data consultants.

Marloes de Bruin


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