More reach, engagement and online conversion thanks to insights from online content dashboards

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Erik van der Kooij
Commercial Manager
3 min
09 Jan 2018 is an online platform with news, opinion and background information. Various authors write articles on a variety of relevant topics on a daily basis. Elsevier Weekblad wanted to get a better grip on the content formula behind this. This required insight into the extent to which the types of content contribute to reach, engagement and sales of subscriptions.

Our approach

We first talked to those involved in the editorial and marketing team of Elsevier Weekblad. In these conversations we tried to clarify the question behind the question. Why did people want more insight into the performance of content? To which business objective(s) could this insight contribute?

To help the employees of Elsevier Weekblad with this, we quickly focused on the result. We made a wireframe of a dashboard that gave an overall insight into the online performance. We then asked questions such as: "How will this information help you in your day-to-day work?" and "Seeing this, what more information is needed to achieve business objectives?"

The result

The end users were fully involved in the construction of the dashboards from the start. In this way they discovered the possibilities of dashboarding and we gained more insight into the need for information. Based on this, we eventually built three dashboards that provide insight into the extent to which specific authors, categories and articles contribute to reach, engagement and online conversion.

Based on these dashboards, the marketing team can help the editors sharpen their content formula and thus achieve the business objectives. The dashboards are also shared with the entire internal organisation in PDF form with text and explanation. In this way, every Elsevier Weekblad employee can make decisions based on the same data.

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