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7 tips to start small with big data

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Marloes de Bruin
Marketing Manager
6 min
05 Apr 2020

On the one hand, large amounts of available data are wonderful: after all, you can learn a lot from it. In practice, however, many organisations collect much more data than necessary. They often have so much information that they don't know what to look for. Or relevant data is actually collected, but it is not used optimally as input for decisions.

To use data effectively in your organisation, you have to start with the basics. So don't immediately think in world-changing terms, but get started step by step. Download our 7 tips to get started right away.

From data to action. With Digital Power.

We help organisations step by step towards data-driven maturity using our own Building Blocks model:


We always start by translating a company's mission and vision into a solid data strategy. Next, we will look at what resources are needed to achieve the intended objectives. During the process, we will, of course, measure whether we are on the right track.

We notice that the average retailer still makes decisions based on his feelings and personal experiences. We prefer to rely on objective data. Based on this, you make better decisions that really contribute to achieving your objectives. Discover what we can do for you here. 

This is an article by Marloes de Bruin, Marketing Manager at Digital Power

Marloes de Bruin is Marketing Manager at Digital Power. She is a strategic, all-round marketer, passionate about data-driven marketing. She writes on a variety of topics using input from our data consultants.

Marloes de Bruin

Marketing Managermarloes.debruin@digital-power.com

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