Technical Web Analytics

Implement online analytics and other digital tracking to measure what you want to know.

Technical Web Analytics

Implement online analytics and other digital tracking to measure what you want to know.

Want to set up a Webdata Architecture?

Analytics Framework 

Determine the most important goals of company and website; we map out what you want to know with a KPI Framework. For structured data collection, we draw up an Analytics Framework. What values must be sent at what time and what should the data layer look like?

Want to implement Web Analytics?

Configuration Analytics tool

Once it is clear what needs to be measured, we set up the measurements via a Tag Management System. We do this for both websites and apps. We also configure the Analytics tool ourselves. With a strong focus on data quality, our Technical Web Analysts set up an implementation you can build on.

Want to implement other tracking measures?

Marketing pixels, apps, CDPs, DMPs

In addition to Web Analytics, we can also implement marketing pixels for you. We integrate other tools (such as A/B testing and user feedback) via your Tag Management System. Our technical specialists can also work with Customer Data Platforms and Data Management Platforms.

Make the behaviour of your visitors or users fully measurable

Want to know how visitors move through your website or app? From clicking on specific elements and scrolling depth to funnel analyses and watching videos: analysis of online visitor behaviour leads to valuable insights.

Our Technical Web Analysts make visitor behaviour on your website or in your app fully measurable. By implementing a tag management tool such as Google Tag Manager or Tealium on your site, you are less dependent on your web developers.  

Measuring what you want to know

Whether it’s a basic or more advanced implementation of your web analytics tool, or pixels for your marketing campaigns: our Technical Web Analysts will take care of it for you. We’ll make sure you don’t start measuring what you need to know to achieve your goals.

Strategic support during your digital transformation.

Well-organised, multidisciplinary data project teams.

Guaranteed continuity of your data operation.

(In-company) training courses and inspiration sessions about data.

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