Immediately deployable interim Product Owners who optimally support your development team.

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Are you looking for a certified product owner with substantive knowledge in the fields of digital and data? Our interim POs are happy to take on the challenge of developing products that really add value together with your team. Thanks to their experience as consultants in different types of organisations and on different assignments, they are very well able to set the right priorities and optimise the output of your scrum team.

Stakeholder management

From SME to multinational and from commercial to non-profit, thanks to the extensive experience they have gained as data consultants, our interim product owners are able to deal well with different types of stakeholders and their specific wishes.

They all bring excellent knowledge of data analysis and data-driven working. Do you want to get the most out of your scrum team? With an interim product owner from Digital Power, you work in an agile way for the best result.


Always deliver something in short sprints that immediately adds value for your organization. Our interim Product Owners work together with your Development Team on the development of new products. Good documentation is a matter of course.

Thanks to the substantive knowledge in the fields of data and digitization that our POs bring with them, they can recognise the correct value of your products and translate this into a well-prioritized backlog.

data expert

Proven expertise

From data to action, that is how we help you as your data partner. As a result, our interim product owners take a very pragmatic approach: we want to learn more about your organisation and team(s).

In addition to attending soft skills training and professional sessions, our experts are well aware of new developments in the market. As a product owner, they can assess how to optimally use the capabilities within your scrum team.

Our interim product owners in a nutshell

  • Get the most out of your scrum team.
  • Are well aware of market developments and have their own clear vision.
  • Therefore, think from the customer's point of view and dare to look critically at the organization.
  • Are well able to translate stakeholder wishes into products that add value.
  • Have sufficient substantive knowledge to set the right priorities via the backlog.
  • See feedback as a must, get results quickly, and guarantee good documentation.

Need an Interim Product Owner?

Erik will be happy to introduce you to our experts.