Data Managers and team leaders with years of experience who can be deployed immediately

data manager from Digital Power

Looking for a data expert to take your data & analytics team or data-driven organisation to the next level? A manager who can give direction on content and think with you on a strategic level?

Our interim Data Managers can temporarily replace your current Data Manager or help you build a new team. Thanks to their experience as consultants, they are very capable of leading teams and getting results for you quickly.

Achieving results quickly

From SMEs to multinationals and from commercial to non-profit, our interim managers are able to quickly grasp new business processes and work with different types of people with an eye for their personal development.

They all bring excellent knowledge of data analysis and data-driven working. Want to achieve quick results together? With an interim Data Manager or team leader from Digital Power, you will go the furthest.

Get to work purposefully

Proactive leadership and participation in your team, but also time for reflection and feedback, are important core values of our interim Data Managers. They are trained in important soft skills and are able to use new developments in the market to achieve your goals.

Every interim Data Manager also has certain specialist knowledge. Does a need arise for something beyond that? Our team of data consultants is always within reach for extra knowledge and capacity.

data expert

Building data teams

Is data being worked on across your organisation and do you want to organise this centrally, for example by setting up a data & analytics team? Our interim Data Managers help you build a team in a way that suits your organisation, situation, and strategy.

Thanks to their extensive knowledge and experience in various types of organisations, they are also able to take your current team(s) to the next level. In doing so, they assume the role of manager or sparring partner.

In brief, our interim Data Managers

  • Excellent content knowledge in the field of data
  • Broad experience with various companies and processes
  • Able to lead and enthuse people with clear goals
  • Proactive, immediately deployable self-starters with good energy
  • Able to initiate change and deal with resistance

Can we support you?

Stefan would be happy to introduce our data experts to you.