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  • 32 - 40 hours
Data professionals in a conversation

Combine multiple data sources and perform statistical analyses. Directly translate the trends and relationships you see into concrete action points.

We are currently not actively looking for Data Scientists, but we are looking for Data Engineers. Curious about this role? View the vacancy.

A job as a Data Scientist at Digital Power

Are you looking for challenging technical assignments? Then Digital Power is the right place for you. As a Data Scientist, you will predict and build the future using data. As such, you work with modern techniques such as Python, Dataiku, Spark, Databricks, and Kubernetes on a daily basis.

You take on Data Science challenges for organisations for commercial clients such as ASML and Philips, but also for start-ups, NGOs and government agencies. In addition to your assignment(s), you are part of our internal community. Learn from and with your colleagues and help each other to become even better! Are you struggling with something? Our entire team is there for you.

Collega's aan het tefalvoetballenCollega's aan het tefalvoetballen
Data professionals in gesprekData professionals in gesprek
Collega's bij de bar in AmsterdamCollega's bij de bar in Amsterdam
Een presentatie op kantoor Amsterdam bij de tribuneEen presentatie op kantoor Amsterdam bij de tribune
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About you

Good to know

Currently, we are only hiring candidates who are authorized to work in The Netherlands at the time of their application. We are in the process of becoming a sponsor for non-EU citizens, however, we cannot make any promises at the moment. Also, you must live in the Netherlands during your employment at Digital Power.

Passionated about data

  • Collecting and processing data from different sources, gathering insights, creating data science models and making results useful for the organisation: this is what gets you out of bed in the morning!
  • Added value for the business and the performance of your processes are central to everything you come up with and do

Required experience

  • You have 2-4 years of working experience as a Data Scientist
  • You can program in Python (Pandas/Scikit – Learn)
  • You can model with data science techniques such as machine learning
  • You are able to visualise data in Python/R or a tool like PowerBI or Tableau
  • You have knowledge of MLOps
  • You can turn business questions into data science solutions

What else?

  • You are fluent in the English language, both verbally and in writing
  • You value sharing your knowledge
  • You believe a good atmosphere at work is just as important as your profession
  • Our Careers page gives you positive energy

What we offer

We offer a starting salary of €3100 - €6500 gross per month, depending on your knowledge and experience. Unlimited training budget and arrange your own working hours: read here about all the other things we can offer you.

What does your day as a Data Scientist at Digital Power look like?

Today, you start with a work out, start working a bit later and write another piece of code in the evening. Tomorrow you’ll start a little earlier, so that you can get to a dinner on time. Or would you rather go for a walk in the woods with your dog at lunchtime? As long as you communicate clearly and are available to your clients and colleagues, you are free to organise your own time.

The places you work each week is a combination of on-site at the customer's premises, working from home and of course a pleasant day at one of our offices in Amsterdam and Den Bosch. You prefer to travel by public transport: great for the environment, flexible and free of charge for you, even on days when you are not working. Is a (temporary) car more convenient for you? A lot is possible in consultation.

Plan your working week in a way that suits you best. As long as you deliver excellent work, your clients are satisfied and your colleagues can rely on you, we are happy and proud to have you as our colleague!

Wondering what it's like to work at Digital Power?

We listed all the important questions and answers for you.

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Do you want to work on these kind of Data Science challenges?


Determining the location of gardens using Data Science

Residential investor Vesteda is working on a new website. If an available rental home has a garden, the location of the garden must be listed on the webpage of that home. This information was not yet available in the database. We were instructed to determine the location of the garden based on the coordinates of the homes.

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How text analysis helps RNW Media to listen and take action

RNW Media builds online communities in countries with limited freedoms. In these communities, young people can read and discuss sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and civil rights. In addition, RNW Media is working on advocacy – putting the interests of young people on the map with governments.

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Social listening in the real estate market

Vesteda was curious if social listening – monitoring and analysing social media discussions about a brand, competitors, products or hashtags/keywords – could add value to the organisation. To this end, we started a project that consisted of two parts: exploring possibilities for social listening in the Corporate Communication department and applying social listening in an ongoing Data Science project.

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Application of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and text mining for process improvement.

Fair Wear is a non-profit organisation that aims to improve the working conditions of employees in garment factories. The NGO has collected a lot of documentation about its activities in recent years, for example in the form of reports from a complaint line for factory employees, reports of audits that check whether factories comply with the guidelines, and reports of training for factory employees. This information is stored as typed text, usually in Word or PDF format.

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trein op station

Reliable insight into crowds on trains and stations using an algorithm

An increasing number of people are traveling by public transportation. Several stations in The Netherlands are being rebuilt or renovated to keep up with the growing number of train passengers. For the rebuilding and layout plans, information was needed on station traffic. NS Stations also wanted to improve transfer safety in collaboration with ProRail.

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Want to know more about this role?

Tsovik will be happy to tell you more about our company, our team and the challenges we can offer you.

Be inspired about Data Science

How does Data Science work in daily practice?

Organisations wanting to get started with data quickly ask for Data Science solutions. Data Science is often seen as the holy grail of data-driven working. But what does a successful Data Science project actually look like in practice? And how can it serve your organisation? In this series of articles, we take you through all the elements you need to achieve success for your organisation with Data Science.

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How do you find the right data scientist?

More and more organisations are getting started with data science. A logical consequence of this is clearly a growing number of related vacancies. But how do you set up a useful job description for a data scientist – and mostly: how do you actually pick the right one? We're giving you some hints on what to do, and what not.

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Why do I need Data Engineers when I have Data Scientists?

It is now clear to most companies: data-driven decisions by Data Science add concrete value to business operations. Whether your goal is to build better marketing campaigns, perform preventive maintenance on your machines or fight fraud more effectively, there are applications for Data Science in every industry.

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What is Data Science?

Everywhere at events and online, stories are told about what 'data science' is all about. Definitions are anything but consistent. They go from 'getting something of value out of data' to 'it's basically the same as statistics'. And a Data Scientist is 'a data analyst who lives in Silicon Valley' or 'a socially skilled IT person who does something with data'. But what is it really?

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What is the data pressure cooker? interviewed our Alex about the data pressure cooker. We launched this new service in spring 2020. During a data pressure cooker, we spend 5 days working with an organisation's data. Based on the outcomes, the client decides whether it wants to take further steps in the field of data-driven working.

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Social Network Analysis: how to gain insight into social media networks

If your organisation is active on social media and you want to optimise the online strategy, you need to know what is happening online around you and the impact of your activities. Social Network Analysis can help you with that. We explain what it is, how it works and the purposes it serves.

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How to use Social Network Analysis to understand public opinion

The Corona measures are a much discussed topic on Twitter. The crisis team not only fights against Corona's effects on public health, but also tries to maintain legitimacy for the decision to keep certain measures in place among the public. With this practical case we explain how you can make public opinion on Twitter transparent with Social Network Analysis.

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From ethical data to action

The introduction of the new privacy law (GDPR) in 2018 has ensured that many organisations put privacy high on the agenda. In this article you can read about the 5 ethical risks of working digitally and using data. We also share a concrete solution: the Responsible Data Framework.

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