Data Science

You have a complex challenge or a problem where Data Science is the solution. We help you build extensible data models and operationalize them adequately.

Advanced analytics

Continue where the work of a regular Data Analyst stops.

Business questions

Advice on Predictive Analytics, Machine-/Deep Learning & AI.


Focusing the right experiences or offers on suitable people.

Implementation DMP

Selection and implementation of the optimal DMP for your organization.

From strategy to intelligence

Do you want to tackle a challenge or solve a problem with the help of Data Science? Or are you usingĀ data models and applications ineffectively? Our Data Scientists help you build and operationalize extensible data models. They look critically at your data infrastructure and implement the tools that you need.

Services in the field of Data Science

Data consultancy

Strategic support with your digital transformation.

Data projects

Well-organized, multidisciplinary data project teams.

Inspiration & training

(In-company) training and breakfast sessions about data.

Interim data scientists

Specialist with new energy and a high grant factor.

Data Science in business:



We wrote a fully documented and future-proof Python script to merge complex databases.


Intelligence Group

Our Tableau dashboard provides insight into the employment opportunities and the perspective for pupils and policymakers in secondary vocational education.



We automated manual processes using a Python script and a PowerBI dashboard.

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Discover our other specializations


Data Engineering

Collect reliable, relevant data with the right tools and a solid infrastructure.


Data Analytics

Clear insights into your data, allowing you to make effective, data-driven decisions.


Customer Experience

Improve the experience of your customers and website visitors, resulting in a higher ROI.


In the field of Data Science, we work together with our subsidiary Maneros.

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