Data Science

Convert (big) data into practical insights, models and automated systems.

Data Science

Convert (big) data into practical insights, models and automated systems.

Want to perform Advanced Analytics that adds real value?

Data Science for Business

For in-depth data questions you need Data Scientists with broad knowledge and technical skills. Our team can handle any data request. We ask the right business question and create appropriate tooling solutions to help you achieve the desired result. Your organisation and the people who will be working with it are an important factor.

Want to make concepts that are difficult to measure measurable?

Data Science for Research

How do you measure customer experience? Or the quality of a service? Almost every organisation has these kinds of questions but doesn’t know how to get the answers from your data. Our Data Science Researchers can do this best. They do this by using scientific knowledge to fathom your existing and new data using advanced techniques. 

Want to make Data Science operational?

Data Science Engineering

With just one model, you can’t do much. You also have to integrate it with your existing tools and processes and maintain it. This requires a form of engineering. This is a relatively new field with many unknown challenges and few available specialists who can handle them. Our Data Science Engineers will help you step by step to build the infrastructure you need.

From strategy to intelligence

Do you want to tackle a challenge or solve a problem with the help of a Data Science agency? Or are you already using data models and applications, but they are not being used effectively? Our Data Scientists will help you answer in-depth data questions, build scalable data models and make them operational. They take a critical look at your data infrastructure, processes and people and implement the tools you need.


Based on public transport chip card data and the timetable we built an algorithm which predicts the crowds at stations.

data consultancy bij fair wear

With the help of NLP and text mining we transformed unstructured data into usable insights that lead to process improvements.

data consultancy bij vesteda

We wrote a script which, based on geodata, automatically calculates the sun position of all gardens in the rental portfolio.

Strategic support during your digital transformation.

Well-organised, multidisciplinary data project teams.

Guaranteed continuity of your data operation.

(In-company) training courses and inspiration sessions about data.

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